Tuesday, March 15, 2011

And The Pole Spins Too

As I'm typing this, I'm back from community class. I took a 1-1/2 hour class today. I went to the dance studio early though, but since they were having exams (I'm deferring my exam until I get stronger), I had an early dinner with my friend from Las Pinas, Noi at McDonald's Pearl Drive. I had a feeling that I shouldn't eat much so I ate just like a tiny serving of McDo spaghetti (my favorite) and rested a bit before class started.
This class is different from all other classes because we would be using a spinning pole. A spinning pole, by its name, turns with the dancer as she, well, spins, so spins are usually faster. For the longest time, we've been practicing with a stationary pole. It doesn't spin and it's as stationary as installing a tubo, except the one we use in class is like I said, of pro and high-quality made especially for pole dancing.

So is spinning with a spinning pole easier? It depends. It could work to your advantage because you could easily do more spins which look really pretty and graceful. However, since there are a lot of spins, you could get really dizzy. The technique here was to focus on one point, not close eyes, not look on the ground, or to slow down. Our instructor, Margaret, showed us how we could slow down or speed up doing climbs or spins on a spinning pole. "When you're climbing and you're spinning too fast, open up," she told us. "If you're spinning and it's too fast, extend your leg and you'd slow down." She also said not to let go also while spinning and gave us tips to avoid injury or anything like that. The number one rule is not to overload on food before and after and to go only until the body allows you. If you feel dizzy, stop and don't force yourself.

My favorite spin would be this, which is whipping our front leg all the way back. I think this is called the Reverse Sunwheel.

I really like posting my progresses here, so expect more pole posts from me since I really want to see my progress. After class, I practiced my climbs.

Getting there as I sat on the pole. Sidestory lang. I asked Donna if she could take these shots for me, kaso lang, when I handed my camera, I left pala the memory card at home. So solution? Phone camera!

And finally, trying to hold on with just my thighs and a hand gripping the pole.

Getting there! Getting there!


Raech @ ❤ilvoeshopping❤ said...

hi bambi! where do u take pole dancing lessons? im interested..


Bambi said...

hi raech! I'm taking with polecats. you could check out their blog at http://polecatsmanila.wordpress.com for class schedules, classes, and rates. :)

polecatsmanila said...

Looking great Bambi! :)