Saturday, July 2, 2011

That Hansel Effect

People all over Plurk have been raving about Hansel Premium Cheese Sandwich, telling everyone how good it is, complete with self-portraits with the product. I breezed through the discussion while it was already midway, so I asked Fritz what was it about since well, I'm always out of touch with anything. Apparently, it started with a discussion among themselves about their favorite crackers. Fritz has been raving about this and he posted a self-picture of himself with the product. I thought it was really cute and witty, but I have to admit, I got intrigued.

While at Podium last Thursday, I was contemplating if I should join in the fun, and asked Fritz if I could. With much encouragement from my friend, it got me going, and he even pointed out that it's available at 7-11 branches. Perfect! There's a 7-11 right beside Pearl Plaza. Hmm... 7-11, Pearl Plaza, Pearl Drive... I think you guys know how I'll do my self-pic. Since I like to be bongga (magpapaself-pic lang, itodo na) I decided to have a partner with me to join in the fun. By partner I meant the pole, who didn't complain at all.

Top: Gigi Amore
Shorts: Landmark
Makeup: See FOTD

This was taken after our 7-8 class and while the Intermediate girls were having their warm-ups. While I was still warm from class (better so it's easier and safer for me to do tricks). I had to choose tricks that would give me one free hand to hold the product of course, and I had to use a trick that would lookl really nice and something that I mastered na. My choices were the skater and the front cupid since they look really graceful and I have space to make pacute.

By the time I sent Fritz my photo, a lot have already joined the bandwagon in their own unique way. Yay! Just click them for a larger version. By the way, none of us are being paid for this. All are done for the love. Cute!

The Hansel effect gets me to picture Owen Wilson's character in Zoolander doing slo-mo catwalk everytime I take a bite, just a side story (Hahn-sel.... tugshhhhh..... Hahn-sel). But really, these crackers are really good, with the right amount of cheese flavor and the right crisp and thin crackers. I kid Fritz that this might be a cause for a bilbil, so I have to take control into eating them.

So you guys intrigued? Feel free to grab a box and grab a bite. In fact, if you feel like it, post a self pic too. Be as crazy or as bongga as you like. No one's stopping. ;)


Morbidfrank said...

Wow. I'm intrigued. How much is it per box?

Bambi said...

i think Php37

Bambi said...

i think Php37