Saturday, July 16, 2011

Saturday Shoot: Julie

My polemate Ida asked me if I was game to help out in her fun shoot last Saturday with her friends. Since I wasn't doing anything that day, I obliged, I just told her I need to go to class first before heading off home to shower, change, and grab my stuff.

Braving traffic and going through Makati Ave traffic (I didn't know Saturdays are heavy now. WHY???? WHY????), I wolfed my way to get to the venue after which I was up and ready for work.

Fresh look is always first for a casual setting:

with natural daylight too. :)

I like doing transformations so her glam look, I changed up sweet for oomph.

Smoky eyes+nude lips+ high and tight ponytail + strong contours. These are pictures taken from Ida's camera. Makeup here was done using the traditional manner, trying to get my groove first since I haven't done makeup on another girl for weeks.

Thanks guys for taking good care of me and making my Saturday really great and fab.

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idadudes said...

You are the best Bambi! Thank you so much for your time. The group had a lot of fun with the shoot -- we would not have done it without your help. You brought out both the freshness and spunk in Julie with your mad makeup skillz. Again, in behalf of NIFTY Productions, I express our gratitude to you. Till my pole photoshoot, hahaha! :D