Friday, July 22, 2011

Birthday Baby Girl

After the bridal fair eons ago, my ever-so-trusty camera decided to take another ER visit. As I finally surrendered it for repair, as I had no choice but to repair it, the guys over the counter estimated a good 3-4 weeks for it to fully heal. So my decision, go on with the repair (crazy I know, as the repair costs practically almost like a brand new camera with double the specs) so I can have a backup camera and well, buy myself a new camera. For my birthday, I got myself a bigger camera that could serve me well in all the stuff I do. I worked hard all summer, it's time for my prize.

I've been contemplating on going proshooter as I do a lot of product shots and for really horrible lighting, a cutesy pie camera isn't just going to do. My blog is in need for better and crisp photos and sometimes, there are shots that don't do justice to my work. Of course, a proshooter doesn't come in cheap and I have to prepare myself for card debt and all. All in good time, because I was done paying for my phone already. So uhm... immerse myself in a yearful of installment programs. :P

I admit that what got me to go inside the store is the price. For a camera like that with that kind of specs and that kind of body, it costs half of what the popular two brands would have for their kind. Fuji isn't quite popular (I see photographers going either Nikon or Canon. Not that I don't like those brands, as cameras have served amazing purpose to my clients and to myself) so I had to ask the guys over at the store a few more questions about the camera). After giving it a few test shots and asking what to do in case I need to take it for repair (I could surrender the camera at the store and they take it to the service center and I could pick it up at the store). I was a-okay and handed out my pink swiper to pay.

I solemnly swear to pay my debts on time.

Seriously, the first model had to be the cat or else she will refuse my Whiskas for three days.

Okay, so I got a Fujifilm Finepix S2950, which I have been using to shoot my pole videos, my pole poses, food shots, FOTDs, EOTDS, and OOTDs for quite sometime. It's a new model, I was told, and when I posted the photo of my cam in my Facebook wall, I was told that I made the right choice with my purchase. Although it's not as popular, it does its job fairly nicely even at 3 megapixels. I remember a photographer who wouldn't let go of his Fujifilm SLR because he loves the colors so much. And I agree. I need colors for my pictures!!!!

First thing I bought to keep it in top condition was a protective LCD cover (you could get one for like 60-80 bucks at CDR king) . It's a bit bubbly though since I cleaned it, and while at it, the huge LCD display shows how pictures look like in an instant, or you could rely on the very trusty viewfinder, if you want to focus more.

And speaking of focus, this feature for me is heaven, the 18x optical zoom which looms in if you want to shoot an object that's very far from you. This is find great if I want to shoot say someone onstage without stretching my limbs or elbowing my way through photographers and th
eir telephoto lenses.
Okay, so here's a demonstration. This is a picture taken from the 18th floor at Diamond Hotel. There's a view of the street, the floor area of Ramon Magsaysay Center, and a few dots and details.

After 18x zoom, my camera is able to capture clearly the image (top view though) of the plant in Ramon Magsaysay Center.
Or the ship by Manila Bay without leaving the hotel room.

It's got a myriad of settings though, but personally, I'm still on Autoshoot mode, which adjusts white balance, lighting, shutter speed, everything according to the settings outside. As I get better playing with the settings and all (as well as capturing a few tips from others) I'll be able to work around and maximize my camera more. I don't need to read the manual much and memorize it to take pictures, thanks to the Auto settings! This cam practically thinks for me. The only adjustment I need is to zoom, use flash, use macro, go black and white, size, stuff like that.

Another favorite feature is that it could record movies too, in HD format that's crisp and clear. I do this when I need to capture our pole videos and dances and study or share it. I could mark also some pictures and videos for upload on Facebook or YouTube. I think I'm taking a liking to this camera and it seems to like me back.

As with all gadgets, it needs care too. Aside from the LCD protector, I got a protective camera bag for it as well. I keep the lens covered with the lens cap when I'm not using it and take care to handle it carefully as I know it's not the shockproof or waterproof kind. In fact, when I didn't have my camera bag yet, I was wrapping this in a shawl before putting it inside my bag.

As of the moment, my old camera has healed quite nicely (in fact, it's the one that I used to take shots of my S2950). Here they are together, seemingly getting along.

For the specs and features, this camera retails for Php 11,420. Fujifilm cameras are available at specialty camera shops. I got mine at Digital Walker in Rockwell. For those who I'll be seeing a lot, you'll see either or camera, depending on the occasion.

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