Friday, June 3, 2011

Whoopdeedoo, We're Upside-Down

We started doing inverts already! The first invert we learned is the cross-ankle, which starts with a basic plank. Now, we conquer one more fear - to let go of the pole to this position:

The only thing that's gripping me and holding me up the pole are my thighs, so I got to squeeze as in squeeze really really hard like my life depended on it. It's pretty scary but fun once tried. Of course, with every new pole move, safety is our very first concern. Myla made sure that our heads are protected by putting two mats under our pole and if we do fall, we have to tuck our head.

The first concern in doing a new move is safety, so our teachers are there to spot us and let go only when we're 150% stable and are there up until we recover from our move.

One of my classmates, Grace agreed for me to share with you our lucky day, May 31, where we did our cross-ankle releases. She started on a plank. Myla was right behind her and she made sure that Grace was okay before she lets go of the pole.

High five Grace!

Our very own Hannah in a very graceful cross-ankle. It gets addicting too! If you're her friend in Facebook and wondering if she's the girl in her profile picture, yep, sya nga yun. She's getting stronger now and watch out for her effortless Gemini pose.

I told you guys, it really gets addicting!

The cross-knee for me is more stable since my knee grip is stronger. It takes a while to get stable though but I'm more confident about letting go right here.

Meet RJ, and her front cupid with her body all the way down to the floor. Her back flexibility is insane!

We are in awe. She does that backbend so effortlessly. :D

It's gonna be our dance recital tomorrow and I'm really all excited and both nervous for it. Let's go polekittens! Stellar mode!!!!!!!!

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Hannah said...

woot ngayon ko lang to nakita.. grobeeeh lumi-level up!