Thursday, June 16, 2011

Birthday Celebrations: Celebrating Day 1 With Polecats and Polekittens

I celebrate my birthday for a month. Why? Because a day isn't enough for me because I like to spread the love to everyone I love, and since the world is spread apart and too big, I can't reach that wide in a day, so a month it is. But still, yay! When I found out that my birthday falls on a Wednesday, I checked if there were pole lessons that day. I wanted to pole during my birthday. So at Ayala Triangle, I sorta somewhat street poled and what better way than to do so wearing my Polecats Manila shirt.

I saw that there were only two classes available, one for beginners 1 and one for their new class, Sensual Grooves. So Wednesday night was all about Sensual Grooves.

Sensual Grooves is a new class the Polecats are offering. A background in pole fundamentals would help since this combines dance and pole. During our regular pole sessions, we learn the spins, tricks, and dance a little. Here, it's incorporating what we know about pole into a dance, and who else to teach it but Mara, who shows you guys what Sensual Grooves is all about in this video.

For Polekittens who want to add a bit of groove into their system and to get immersed into dance, this could be used as a supplementary class, or the other way around, if you want to get the feel of the pole before entering a class.

As with pole dancing, same rules apply: presence of short shorts (the shorter, the better. your dreamgirls and thigh holds will understand), no lotions or oils (not even sunblock) and a comfy top. I personally like midriffs since that extra skin gives me that extra hold. Since it was our first day in class, I wasn't able to take pictures of the class (I'll take pix next time if my classmates say it's okay).

Every class starts with a warm-up to get our body going. It's really important to attend the warm-up because that prepares the body for the routine (and there's less injury risks). Mara teaches you the routine bit by bit, and adjusts according to the fitness level of the student. She has variations of the routine if you're experienced with pole dancing (1 month beyond pole classes) or if you've never poled before. All the routines are pretty regardless if you're on the floor or way up in the pole.

Sensual grooves also helps us release inhibitions, which really help in our projection in class. Let's admit it, tricks look a whole lot better with pretty projection, right? Hopefully I get to attend more of this class to get a bit of groove too.

And since it was my birthday, Mara led the class in singing me a happy birthday song. And I returned the love with mini bite-size cupcakes after cool down

Kiara had to oblige on cupcakes before she left.

My two adorable and pretty teachers: Amaya (for pole) and Mara for sensual grooves.

Pearly and I came to class with metallic shorts and our Polecats Manila tanks.

Going in class during my birthday couldn't be better. I know my body needs more conditioning and probably my joints will be lubricated well enough for me to be able to dance without looking like a scarecrow. But as one of my classmates said, projection helps.

Day 2 up next!

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