Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Weekend Calls For Short (Thrifted) Dresses

Hey it's a weekend and there's nothing to do... much. PANIC NOW!

No, don't panic! Declare it a short-dress weekend. And even better... they're all thrifted!

This shift dress has been hanging for quite a long time in my closet. I've worn it for like around four times I guess but never got to use it. I used to wear it for the office and sometimes I'd get teased at since it was too short. Too short? It's normal for me! :P I like short skirts, short dresses, and short-shorts. I think they're more practical during the rainy season than the flowy long maxis, which I save for summertime.

'Di yan short! Conservative lang kayo. :P

Dress: G2000 (hand-me-down)
Bag: Cole Vintage
Shoes: Aerosoles
Shades: YSL

That dress technically is a hand-me-down from one of my sisters. So in my closet it goes. I'm happy it fits me, although it was shorter for me than it was for her. But I like it that my hemlines go mid-thigh. I think the print is very retro-like. Twiggy much? I blow-dried my hair that day, that's why it's not that wild. In place though, I got shades to cover the no-makeup face. I

Come Sunday, I wanted something, well, sorta feminine. I was with Tin just last week at Robinsons BF and we decided to hit the ukay at Jaka, where she frequents. Tin sources out her funky clothes and beat-up chic bags at the ukays. So there we go. She fell in love with vintage-y ruffly dresses and when I pulled out an ecru Swiss lace dress, she squealed that she wanted to use it for her shoots. I loved the dress too and said I'd buy it but I'd lend it to her in photoshoots.
Lace dress: Ukay
Bag: Cole Vintage (peeking behind me)
Shoes: Naturalizer

The thing I like with ukay-ukay is that I get really good deals and funky pieces that aren't found anywhere. Okay, so these are old clothes but hey... kumukulong tubig at laba lang katapat nyan! Heck top fashion models also go to the ukay-ukay even! Still in good condition though. This one is short, like it goes like 3 inches below my butt. My solution is to wear them with white short-shorts. Still, It's a dress. If I want it to be a top, pair them with leggings. But I like it as a dress, and a dress shall it be. The box behind me holds my Sew Cute Plueys, which I brought in case it rains. It looks pretty cute with them too. It didn't rain though and the sun was shining with feeling. Bu-mmer. Why did I choose moccasins instead of dainty sandals? Wala lang!
Never thought these old-new dresses could rock it still. :) That's what they say I guess, how one's old junk could be another one's treasure. Lurve!

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christine day said...

haha, thrift shopping (ukay) is treasure hunting! ;p