Monday, June 6, 2011

Bridal Fair Update

Just an update what gave me a busy weekend 2 weeks ago, with Rockwell being my base camp. I joined iSnap Creatives as they take part in Power Weddings Year 7, a very intimate bridal fair where brides-to-be get to meet and greet possible suppliers that they need for their d-Day.

Actually, it started Friday for us. I had a shoot in the morning but as soon as 4 pm struck, I headed off to the iSnap shop since Mike told me to pass by to see our leaflets and flyers. As I went there, the whole shop was busier than its usual busy state. Printers were printing our flyers, the staff were busy folding and stapling materials that we need. I helped out in the flyers and also went to the site where the guys started setting up our booth so we'd be semi-ready by the next day.
Sneak peek at the flyers.

Since gates open at 11 the next day, we were there before 11 to do final set-up stages. I set up the makeup station, with my makeup chair on hand and also testing the outlets if they work and setting up the airbrush station. Although I like working on high entrophy levels, Entrophy wouldn't work in making a sale at this bridal fair.

iSnap wouldn't be iSnap without clowning while working. Hey! that's me on video and we're wearing the same top!

My warm-up in this case was to do makeup on one of our iSnap friends too, so I won't be all jittery come the first bride. I did my standard signature neutral bridal look first, so I'll be up and ready by then. The crowd warmed up mid-afternoon, but the first day's traffic was rather slow since it was raining that day, which caused most of the people in the metro to be locked indoors. We did however, get an ample amount of inquiries and I think us three MUAs did quite a number of trials.
I prepared several color palettes that day, but it looks like the neutral palette still wins most of my brides, with peach or coral being a bestseller. The cutest part of the free trial makeup session is when brides get really amazed as to how they look after with matching nod of approval from the groom.

For a tour as to how the weekend went, I did a video documentation of our booth. I took videos using my camera here, although it's not as awesome as how the iSnap video team does it, with their equipment and creative eye.

Thanks too Mike for giving us a tour of the iSnap booth. The saddest part of the fair was when we had to pack up and take down our displays and go home. It was a tiring weekend, yet fun meeting a whole lot of people and all. Our first bridal fair was a success thanks to everyone who really took time and effort in making this possible. Rest assured that this won't be the last time iSnap would be joining a bridal fair, and when we do, we would announce it.

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