Thursday, June 30, 2011

Grooving Via Sensual Grooves

Pole dancing is not pole dancing without involving dances. Taking the regular classes, we spend time with our spins and tricks and then prior to cool-down, our instructor teaches us a dance. The dance part teaches us how to incorporate all the pole fundamentals that we have learned to a dance so we don't look funny doing a trick, then spin, then another spin, then a trick with music.During my first-ever class in pole, at the end of the class, we were asked to freestyle a dance. CD played a song, and each student should dance to it, complete with tricks, of course. If you're a first timer, you're as shy as to sway your hips as you are to bare your tummy. Sometimes, you might feel shy to dance as you feel you might not have a dancer's grace. I was shy myself also to dance at first (CD told me I was mahinhin then), and it takes quite a while as to hiding in a t-shirt, but we have to.

Sensual grooves is a new class that's offered starting June. It still requires the same requirements as pole class but this class focuses more on dancing and how to incorporate the tricks learned in class into a dance. Since this utilizes the pole, the same pole rules apply: no oils/lotion/sunblock/moisturizer/body glitter. Short shorts are a requirement still and a comfy top for dancing.

Teaching this class is Polecat Mara Andres.

After the (very much) required warm-up, Mara breaks down the choreography for you step-by-step. You do the steps with her first and when you get the hang of it, we try it with music.

Mara demonstrates an arch with an oomph. Hair down is a must. It adds to the appeal. Seriously.

With tricks, for beginners, not to worry, we get to do very basic tricks. Mara adjusts to the dance to each student's level. "If you've been taking pole for quite some time, you could go the extra mile if you want to."

Although this is a dance class, this could help us in so many ways. One, for those who want to "boil their bones" and get some groove into their system, this could polish up the dance skills. The steps we learn here can be used for our freestyle dances in class. The moves could also remove the inhibitions we initially have and not be afraid to go ahead, have fun, and dance. Call it adding a bit of landi to your spin or adding some grace to your system, it shows the fun and sexy side of pole dancing, if you want to add more choreo.

Group 2 it's your turn.
Just like our classes with Polecats, this is a really really fun class to take. Hopefully maybe in a few months I'll be as graceful as Mara. Taking this class can also help me learn dance steps faster and build coordination.

Sensual Grooves classes are held every Wednesdays 6-7 p.m. at Gen Studios.

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