Friday, June 10, 2011

I Moved Up

Although I'm stuck home today due to my horrid horrid cough (my back hurts na as I'm coughing), Kayleen sends me a PM that brightened my day like two tablets of Berocca:

Hello Bambi,

Congratulations! You passed evaluations yesterday! You now move up to Beginners 2. Feel free to ask me if you have
questions :)

See you in class!

If there were an x-pole standing steps away from me, screw this laryngitis and cough and I'll be doing my cross-ankle releases and I probably would have mustered that much adrenalin for me to do a routine. I actually thought I'll morph into a duck come exams time since I haven't poled since our recital and I had the makings of the flu coming on but I made it! Can't believe that four months ago, I couldn't spin or climb the pole.

Still shy to bare the tummy by hiding underneath a t-shirt.

The intro of our routine at the recently-concluded Stellar Summer Show with my groupmates Jeanette, Pearlie, Hannah, and Bits.

The plank was the second trick I learned (the first was the thigh hold) and here we are doing our planks come our number's ending.

Curtain call!!!!

The four months have been a dizzying blur of things. Met new people, learned new things, got stronger. Although the bruises that have mushroomed on places I never thought would have bruises have made me less than flawless, I would not have it any other way.

Here's me and Donna four months ago where I did her makeup for her company event. This was the day she convinced me to attend pole class, with that she added the disclaimers pointing out that I will get bruises and skin burns, but I'll be proud to show them off. That Saturday I headed off to Gen Studios for my first-ever pole dance class. By the way, Donna's teaching the Striptease class held every Saturday. :)

Another picture of Myla spotting me as I do the Superman. I'm going to miss Myla's class but I know I'll be seeing her still twice a week at Gen Studios.

To all 11 members of the Polecats who have been there since day one, you are an amazing group that I'm so glad to work with as a student and as your makeup artist. Eleven and a million hugs to you! To my classmates and colleagues who have been my friends and encouraged each other to move up, high fives to all of you. And you, yes you. Who have painstakingly witnessed my adventures in Facebook, Plurk, and here in my blog every spin, every trick, and every routine that I post or blab. A little like or positive comment really gets me going.

Beginners 2 level are you ready? Yes we are!

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