Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Blast of a LashBlast Lash

Cover Girl has been an iconic brand ever since I got introduced to makeup. While leafing through old Seventeen magazines from the 80s, Covergirl has been alive and kicking. It's quite famous as a drugstore brand in the US and when Covergirl decided to go and stay here in Manila, it was good news to Covergirl fans, yes?

Another thing that's also associated with Covergirl cosmetics is every aspiring model's favorite show, America's Next Top Model. One of the top contestants' challenges is to shoot a Covergirl commercial and beauty shoot as part of their evaluation. And of course, that "one-hundred-thousand-dollar contract with Covergirl cosmetics" that Tyra Banks always reiterates. An example of a Covergirl commercial below:

That commercial is from Cycle 15, and that features one of CG's very famous products, LashBlast mascara, which I'm going to talk about now, and also the mascara I currently am using. I was fortunate to receive the complete LashBlast line to test on myself and/or clients, and I did give this a run last Sunday and today.

Wheee! It's time for a hairflip and say "Easy, Breezy, Beautiful... COVERGIRL!"

That's LashBlast Fusion Mascara, LashBlast Length Mascara, LashBlast Mascara, and LashBlast Luxe Mascara. The orange tube we all know also has its sisters to help her out, depending on every girl's need. Although they address different needs, there are two overall things I like about them. First of all, the BRIGHT-COLORED PACKAGING! Yes, that is very important and I'll explain why. A bright-colored mascara tube stands out more than a black one when you have to fish it out from your makeup kit or endless abyss of a bag. I think I'll find a bright orange mascara tube faster than a black one, when I'm in a hurry to touch up. Anyone agree? Or maybe I'm the only one in the world with a messy bag.

Second, makeup artists will understand this:

The cap on the mascara. The directions says you should replace the cap with the mascara wand after use. This is okay if you're using this for personal use. For makeup artists, you could replace the cap after using the mascara (no double-dipping!) and wash the mascara wand like you do with your brushes and use it on your next model.

The classic orange tube of LashBlast mascara has a fat brush compared with other mascara brushes (or your own mascara spoolie brush) with 50% more bristles to get each lash hair coated for big vavavoom lashes minus the clump and smear. It's available in Black or Black Brown both in Regular and Water Resistant Formulas. I'm such a fan of the water resistant formula for bridals or for shoots that would involve water. This works for models or brides with naturally long lashes that do not need the extra falsie boost or for those who want big volume minus the falsies hassle. And with a color like happy citrusy look-at-me orange, this ought not to get lost in a makeup kit, yes?

I'm currently using the LashBlast Fusion mascara, which is the one featured in the ANTM ad I posted (the one on the purple tube). This mascara gives both volume AND length, if you can't get enough of your lashes or want to enhance them. Before, I used to put three coats of volumizing and three coats of lengthening mascara to create long lashes. This one saves me the step (and cost of an extra mascara).

The fat, fat brush with the numerous bristles helps it get mascara onto each strand without clumping. So lashes are separated, extended, and thickened. However, since the brush is quite big and fat, it could work to the disadvantage of girls with tiny or narrow eyes, so it takes quite a bit of maneuvering though for a less messy application, say using the tip instead of the sides. I do that for my bottom lashes. Volumizing mascaras tend to get clumpy sometimes, but four coats of these and my lashes didnt look all fake or clumpy. I guess maybe if I don't overdo it too.

For the LashBlast Length Mascara, let's hear what Covergirl endorser Drew Barrymore has to say as I dug up her ad on YouTube:

She did mention "lengthening mascara" and "flakes out" in one statement. Here's the thing, lengthening mascaras have fibers that stick to the ends of our lashes providing a sort of "extension" so it appears longer. The flakes are those fibers that break off from the lashes with time. The Elasta-Nylon flexes as we go about our daily ways with wind and elements and all so our lashes stay long.

With the wand too being long, it gets into the hard-to-reach corners so each lash gets lengthened and coated. I noticed too that this wand is longer than the three other LashBlast mascaras .

Lastly, LashBlast Luxe makes lashes look like they cost a gold mine. How? By volume with a hint of shimmer that reflects and plays with light for thick and shiny lashes that command and demand attention in a non-draggy way. I'm quite intrigue on the shimmer part this one has, so I'll let you know once I open my LashBlast Luxe.

With all mascaras, they work best with curled lashes. Waterproof varieties are great, but once in a while, I like resting my lashes with regular formulas on days when I know I won't be near the dance studio, gym, or anything that would bring me to tears. Also, hygienic measures are also important, especially with using mascaras to clients. Wipe mascara wand after use so it stays clump-free and no double-dipping mascara wands.

Now say it with me... "Easy, breezy, beautiful... Covergirl"!!!!

disclaimer: product provided for review

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