Saturday, December 12, 2009

Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream: Super Cream, Really Super Stuff

Okay, I get it ageing is inevitable. However, thank you to technology, scientists who study cells in the lab, and cosmetic and skin care companies, okay, and photo-editing, ageing can be concealed, prevented, and slowed down. Hence, my obsession on anti-ageing regimen, skin care, heal, clone stamp, and gaussian blur (but not too much on the gaussian blur). When Olay Regenerist was introduced to me a year ago, I fell in love with it and no one knows that I'm nearing the big 3-0, and it's been easy for me to lie about my age, even if I don't.

So just imagine my thrill when I got the invitation to the launch of a new addition to the Olay Regenerist family: the Micro-Sculpting Serum, which happens to be a Super Cream for anti-ageing. Super Cream? Oooooohhhh..... this I gotta see. I told my contact that I would be late but I would definitely make it since I would be dashing off from my shoot in Paranaque. As soon as I got off my shoot (I was happy that Seph and I were able to get a taxi willing to take us to Makati and it was okay for Seph to split a taxi ride with me), I rushed to the event and deposited my godzilla equipment to outback so I could cover the event too.
That's Angel Aquino holding a jar of the Micro-Sculpting Cream, How I wish the giant jar behind her was filled with the cream, though. Hahaha. Angel is definitely beautiful and timeless. Her makeup was simple and fresh with her hair tied back. She did her own makeup herself. :) Up-close her morena skin is just impeccable and flawless. She's also a fun and positive person and she even chatted with us for a bit. She even complimented my look. Okay, I can die happy now, but not yet.Of course, I wouldn't pass up an opportunity to have a picture with Daphne Osena-Paez, another Olay ambassador.

So anyway, going back to the cream, the Micro-Sculpting cream promises to keep skin hydrated longer, and it's more potent giving benefits as fast as four days. In fact, it was tested in the lab outperforming several other more expensive creams, even the super-expensive ones. This cream is currently priced at Php 1,299. During the event, they had a promo that if you buy one with a friend, you get one free, so that's a really good deal. Plus, this is one cream that I have to experience. I was recommended to use this as a night cream in place of my Olay Regenerist night cream, since I'm already done with that jar.

I got home and did a patch test on my forearm before I went to bed to see if I had any reactions to the product. Turns out I had none (yay!), so I proceeded to use the product. I could feel that it's richer as compared to the predecessors yet it's not heavy or greasy on my face. It glides on quite easily too. Another recommendation I had was to spread it well after I apply it on my face, since this is more potent than most of my usual creams, too much could result to redness on the skin. Scent was also very light, I didn't get any migraines from very heavy scents. I also like the fact that I didn't wake up with sticky skin or felt like my skin was suffocating from all the heaviness.

So far, after four days, I'm really liking the product. I've noticed improved smoothness in my skin and some of my lines diminishing. For a very potent product, I didn't break out from this. I tried using this as a day cream, and it works quite well. I'm not feeling any heaviness or sting right now, yet I do couple the use of this cream if I'm using this during the day with sunblock, especially today, where the sun's quite high.

I guess for the performance, the price is really a good deal. Some of my clients tell me that they spend tens and thousands of pesos for their creams and laser treatments. When I shared to them my knowledge and first-hand experience, they immediately wanted to try this too. I even removed my makeup and showed them unedited pictures of me without makeup to show its result on my skin. I recommend this though, for women (and men) my age as this could be too strong for teenagers. This is one line that has won my loyalty and I've been loving its effects.

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Anama said...

i wear it during the day din. i think it's okay to use especially in the dry aircon environment. :) i use it pa nga under my tinted moisturizer so SUPER moisturized! :) - pinky