Saturday, June 18, 2011

Summer in July with Surf, Baby!

On the other side of the globe, summer starts in July. That's why MAC's latest collection, Surf Baby is all about fun in the sun, sunkissed cheeks and skin, and just-eaten-a-fruit-pop lips. At one of my visits at the MAC counter, I was able to peek at the Surf, Baby! collection, which will hit MAC counters in a matter of days.

Since summer is more about having fun instead of being cooped up indoors perfecting the contours and blowdrying hair, Surf, Baby!'s got easy-to-wear colors for that sunkissed skin that summer left us, makeup could just enhance it.

The Skinsheen Bronzer Stick reminds me of NARS the multiple. The bronzey shades could be used to contour cheekbones, enhance a tan, or just put some warmth to the face when you feel blah. It's not too bulky too so you could stash this in your bag or whatever if you want a pretty portable equipment.

Eyeshadows are repackaged in Surf, Baby! packaging that's so pureety!

Swell Baby, Surf USA, Sun Blonde, Saffron, and Short Shorts at your service, depending on the look you want. Surf USA can stand on its own, as a fresh pop to tanned skin, while foolproof colors Saffron (it's like Paradisco, but warmer) and short Shorts are great to take past surf season. I haven't figured out how to use Sun Blonde as it's a tricky yellow color, but I think it would look great as an accent while Swell Baby's gray could give depth to an eye.
Cheek Powder is a pretty, pretty peach color with this pretty gold hibiscus overspray pattern on top. I think I'd wear this with a spash of Surf USA on my lids.

For lippie colors, lustre and cremesheen finishes imitate popsicle-stained lips with lush moisture, and the semimatte Mocha are for those who would like more staying power.

Mentionables are pigments in Melon and Naked, and if you're a bridal makeup artist, I think you'd love this in your stash even though you're not doing makeup on a summer bride. Just don't forget to put loose powder under the eyes as dealing with pigments (i.e. loose powder shadows) can get really really messy.

I guess for me personally, I'll be eyeing more on the warm eyeshadows and nail lacquers. But for a bit of bronzey power, I might check out the line of bronzers the collection has.

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