Monday, June 27, 2011

Heavy Cat Eyes + Hot Pink Lips (and how I remove all that)

Giving my winged cat eyes a break (the one with the eyeliner-hanggang-bumbunan level), I wanted to make cat eyes again, this time smokier, fatter, darker, blacker. And... paired with red lips. This is my first attempt though, which took like an hour on the eyes alone, since with cat eyes, the biggest challenge is to creating the shape and make sure both sides are equal. Strong eyes with nude lips? Uhm. I want hot pink. Wala lang.

I can't seem to get them to smoke up enough without looking much like there's a lot of silver and gray. Maybe it's my eye shape, I think. Hot pink lips go with hot pink lipliner.

I certainly used a lot of black eyeshadow that day!

A strong and dark makeup would go well with big spiky falsies on a day out. Hmmm... maybe in the next show.

MAC Studio Sculpt concealer NC30 on redness and imperfections and also on undereyes
MAC Studiofix Powder NC25 on undereye as a highlight
MAC Studiofix Powder NC35 all over
MAC MSF in Gold Digger as a golden blush highlighter

MUFE Eyebrow Corrector in 0
MAC Paint Pot in Painterly as a browbone base
MAC Nylon on brows
Stilla Smudge Pot in Little Black dress to shape the cat eye
MAC Mont Black on lids.
Kohl pencil (the ones I buy in Indian stores for Php150, the one that goes really smudgy, creamy, and smoky) to line and shape and then set with Mont Black
MAC Pigment in Soft Washed on the crease, for a soft blend and transition of colors.

Fashion 21 hot pink lipliner (I'm sad F21 phased this out na. I love it coz it's super waterproof)
MAC lipstick in Hollywood Nights

I think I'll try putting the base eyeshadow first before shaping the cat eye so the browbone highlight stays true to its natural color instead of having a silvery gray tinge to the supposedly champagne-y color it has. Anyway, this cat eye is just for practice. Maybe I'll try it out Wednesday come Sensual Grooves class time, yes as I'll be out of town tomorrow. Or whattheheck later!

And what I use to remove this, since this is such a heavy color and I used three pain-to-remove products (paint pot, smudge pot, and kohl eyeliner)? Clinique Take The Day Off Makeup Remover! I swear, I'm so glad they invented this or else I'll be having wrinkles now.

I get this usually as hand-me-downs from my mom since she loves Clinique skin care and when she gets the GWPs when she purchases her favorite moisturizer, I get the cute purple bottles since she doesn't use them anyway. Yay! I think I have about 5 travel size bottles of this. It's so ironic because I have adverse reactions to skin care products of Clinique (but not the makeup, since I use their eyeshadow and mascara) but not this one. In fact, my eyes love it.

The fact that it's so easy to use I'll show it to you in simple steps. Step 1: You see that there's a barrier separating the oil part from the water part? You have to shake the bottle well before using. Step 2: Dispense a good amount on a cotton pad. Not too much to soak it wet, but just enough. Step 3: Gently press the cotton pad on (closed) eye just to get the product in. I wiggle this a bit sometimes so I get the makeup to loosen up. Not too hard to poke your eye out. Be sure not to get product inside the eye. That can sting, so keep the eye shut. Once there's product on the lid, wipe eye area gently with the cotton pad until it's clean.

My right eye has no more makeup as compared to my left eye. Stubborn eyeliner can be removed with a q-tip soaked in makeup remover. The makeup's all in the pad almost effortlessly. The lids are a bit oily after though, from the oil so after removing the makeup, cleanse face with your favorite makeup remover/cleanser (like cold cream or cleansing oil) to remove makeup that remained on the face like foundation, blush, leftover eye makeup, etc. And wash face as usual with your facial wash.

Not only did I use this to remove my very heavy eye makeup, I was able to wipe my lips of all hot pink lippie traces effortlessly too, like on cue. I like using this product when I want to remove makeup in a flash since I'm too tired to go through an entire roll of tissue, wipes, and makeup remover and I'm wearing very heavy makeup that day.

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Hiii! This look is so gorgeous!
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