Thursday, September 4, 2014

Of Time Warps and Blue Beehives

So, I had a stressful morning today, so to wipe it off.. let me focus on these two new collaborations MAC Cosmetics has which is getting me all excited and I feel wallets (at least mine) ripping apart at the seams.

MAC The Simpsons Collection brings back memories of the 25-year-old series (yes! it has been that long) that we watched as kids and still enjoyed up to now. The image model of course, is the dotting housewife who still has her lithe and slim figure even with three children, with orange necklace and big blue beehive hairdo - Marge Simpson.

We are not expecting yellow foundation here though, not to worry. Just like the bright yellow packaging, While we may not get Marge's complexion, we have candy colored palettes, lipglass, falsies, and eyeshadow palettes embossed with a Marge Simpson Emblem.

Erm, no, Homer. makeup is not applied that way.

Quirky, fun, weird ... let's do the time warp again and just in time for Halloween, MAC would be releasing a Rocky Horror Picture Show collection.

My exposure to this Broadway play was the number Time Warp from Stellar 3 last year performed by the Intermediate 1 students and as of this moment, I can see a few of them eyeing the collection and doing their research. I was viewing the collection photos over at Temptalia and I see a lot of reds in the lipsticks, and not just that glaze of red sheen, but bold vivacious reds in mattes and amplifieds  and of course -  blacks, plums, and reds. I am also eyeing on the glitters and pigments, A permanent lipstick - Sin gets a revamp in its Rocky Horror Picture Show  packaging. For those not familiar with Sin, it's a vamp-y dark red, almost plum, more accurately described in the MAC website as a "deep dark blue red".

I'm hoping that these come by October and I can't wait to see the MAC Counter theme days and collection launches for these. This should be fun!

And definitely

"But listen closely
not for very much longer
I've got to keep control".

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