Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wow-ing on the NARS Bento Box

So exclusive, this new set this is, that this set is non-returnable, according to the NARS website.

The Bento Box Lip Set is an extremely limited edition set (just when the label "limited" isn't enough) for a beauty fanatic who loves NARS and lipsticks.

"NARS captures the majesty of the kabuki lip – the ideal of feminine beauty – with Maiko and Sakura, unique lip colors in this exquisite keepsake."

That's a handmade bento box (no mass production here, the whole set is treated practically like a sacred work of art) and a set of two Kabuki cups that were hand-poured with two lipstick shades named Maiko and Sakura. Yep, that orangey-red and fuschia colors on the cups are actually exclusive-to-NARS lipstick formulas. The set also comes with a Kabuki lip brush for precise application.

Maiko is a rich warm orangey-red color while Sakura reminds us of cherry blossoms with a happy fuchsia color, as seen on the swatch:

Sakura on the left and Maiko on the right. Sakura does remind me of Schiap when swatched on my hand. I expected it to be a hinty glaze but it's quite matte and highly pigmented. It can be a bit drying though, but not too dry that your lips would be reminiscent of a land in drought.

Sakura passes the test on my lips. I used my ring finger to swatch Sakura on my lip, as I tried the tester on the counter this morning. I was surprised though, that the pigments were quite intense.

Yay intensity! I presume using the Kabuki brush that came with it with its specialized shape reminiscent of art brushes, the color payoff would be more intense than swatched with my pinky finger. The set is actually quite pretty to have on my vanity, looking like an elegant set served to me. Obviously, I can't travel out of the house with my Bento Box, and if I had my own set, it would just stay on my vanity and never leave the house and I'd keep it immaculately clean so it stays super pretty that the guys who made all the parts by hand would not conk me on the head for ruining their work of art.

A work of art like that doesn't come cheap. The Bento Box Lip Set retails at around Php 7,250 at NARS counters here in Manila. An avid NARS or makeup collector would have this as one of her most prized possessions, much like jewelry.

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Crystal said...

wow ang mahal! talagang collector's item :)