Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sunblock That's Environment Friendly

How was everyone's Holy Week break? I'm pretty sure that most headed to the beach last weekend to get some sun. I myself got into the tanning bit, but in the swimming pool so as not to join the crowds and all. I like things quiet as I "fry" myself and get my natural dose of vitamin D - with sunblock of course! Sunblock is necessary if you're out in the sun most especially, tanning or not. I know that I don't use lotion on my body during the day since I pole a lot but when it's swim time, it's a must to use lotion.

Here's the thing - sunblock feels greasy yes? And it has that irritating chemical smell and when you put sunblock in your face, it doesn't feel like sunblock - it feels like hollow blocks because it's heavy, sticky, and oily. Mixed with sweat and dirt my pores beg for mercy right? There are moisturizers though, that have SPF in their formula if you're just out in the concrete jungle, but with swimming either on the beach or the pool, we gotta have the real thing on the tube, since that's pretty water-resistant.

On my recent lunch with the people behind Leyende, I got to know about their sunblock, which is not only friendly on the skin but friendly also to the environment. I found out that day that one of the causes of coral bleaching is the chemicals from commercial sunblock. Does that mean that we should skimp on sunblock for the sake of our environment? Not with this around because Leyende Place In The Sun sunblock has ECOCERT-certfied natural/organic ingredients and preservatives that are also ECOCERT-approved. The ingredients are biodegradable so they don't harm our sea waters.  Although this one says it's for the face, it's okay to use for the body. This has very little scent when I tried it, and it feels light to be used on the face.

Another thing that makes me annoyed with sunblock is the whitish cast. Remember those beach photos when there's this perpetual white streak? Blame it on the sunblock, baby. Place in the Sun takes its cue from the surfers who use zinc oxide on them. But instead of having that annoying white paste on the noses, they come up with Zinclear, which is invisible zinc for non-greasy skin with no whitish cast. Also, there's no need to wait for a while until the sunblock binds with the skin - just spread and go.

It's a really tiny tube though, but Leyende would soon come up with a bigger bottle for those who spend a good deal of time under the sun for sport or for recreation or whatever reason. I also learned a tip - to not forget the ears and back of the neck.

So where is this available? You can buy Place In The Sun products at Robinson's, Crossings, and Sesou stores. You can also contact distributors and resellers as Leyende has listed their contact information here.

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