Friday, March 6, 2009

Makeupbybambi is Sick. :(

If any of you wonder why I wasnt in much events this week or not posting is because I've been bedridden since yesterday (still am now. got frontal headache owwie). Last Wednesday night, my fever shot up to 40 and I've had bouts of it yesterday plus my sinus passages were super clogged. I'm recovering right now and dunking all drugs and liquids and whatever recuperating equipment I could use. Blame it on the weather shooting up again plus the house is having a paint job exposing me to chemical fumes.

Right now I've got no fever though, just my colds and cough but this I could handle. I'm also trying not to talk much to avoid laryngitis issues. :)

Till then I'll be back for more posts and all :)


Askmewhats said...

get well dear!

Cris said...

Get well soon :).

Erika Mags said...

get well soon bambini. ^_^