Sunday, March 27, 2011

Jho's Trial Makeup

Although I've done makeup for Jho for so long, being tasked to be her makeup artist/veil sponsor on her wedding day coming up this May, I wanted to make sure that I get everything right so we still had our routine trial makeup session. As someone would be doing hair on her, I'll be doing makeup only. Also, I'll be airbrushing her makeup as well so I need to know the perfect mix for her makeup.
Prior to our trial makeup, Jho and I already did her prenup shoot with Christine. I've also had our fitting session and she showed me the swatches and pegs for the entourage's outfits. The colors were soft warm colors of blush pink, ecru, peach, and nude colors that were set in the rustic background of Hacienda Isabella. Jho has posted already pegs in Facebook as a reminder for all of us of the theme so we all have no excuse not to know the theme. All our (yep, including me since I'm entourage-ing) outfits would have soft and flowy chiffon layers and being the foodies we are were cut loose and flowy instead of body-hugging so our tummies aren't constricted as we stuff ourselves with food.

I spent this Sunday afternoon with two of my favorite people in the world. Jho and TJ arrived at our house, which isn't quite far from Blue Ridge on a lazy Sunday. Of course, as per all our requirements, each session we have always has pictures having TJ take all BTS shots just like we do in shoots. I was quite finished in setting up and since I didn't have an exact palette, I laid out all my makeup in the living room. In this trial makeup, we sure had a lot of pictures too!!!!!!

Makeup and equipment had their own pictorial. Prior to everything, here's a before shot of Jho with me.

Airbrushing was the choice for her makeup since the reception would be, again an outdoor reception on a humid summer day so I need makeup that lasts.

Here's Jho after I airbrushed her skin to bridal flawlessness.

For her eyes, I went for a combination of pink, peach, and browns. I used a light gold color on her lids and a mixture of warm pink, amber, and browns to contour. I like giving the eyes dimension and definition while keeping the whole eye makeup soft and warm. I didn't go overboard with the smokiness and used black only on the eyeliner, which Jho told me that we would need to make the eye makeup waterproof just to be safe in case she cries.

Finally, the lips and cheeks were soft colors of pink. For the lips, instead of a brown pink color, I went for one of MAC's bestsellers, Pink Nouveau, which looked great on Jho. At first I thought it was going to look editorial Barbie pink but it looked quite fresh.

Just in case, we tried red lipstick for her second look, since she was thinking about going red for the reception. We gave it a try, then tried deepening the eye makeup and taming the blush a bit since the lips would have a deeper color.

Red does look nice! Why not, right? She was asking me if it would go with the whole scheme. Since red is a classic color, it's pretty much okay to go red lips if she wants. But if she should decide to go back to basic pink, I'll do so.

I'll see Jho in this same makeup in less than a month!!!! But of course in-between and after her D-Day we would be up for more shoots, shenanigans, and food trips too!

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Chrissy said...

I want to learn how to do airbrush makeup! She's so pretty. :)