Monday, March 14, 2011

Felicia's Grad Party

When asked if I have a standard template of makeup, I say, well, sort of. I'll put it this way: I have some sort of a template, but I always adjust to the person I'm doing makeup on. Take note the makeup I did on Felicia last Friday for her graduation party.

Last year, I did the makeup of Felicia's older sister, Patricia for her prom and graduation ball. These girls were recommended to me by their cousin Touie, who's been my client for around 3 years already. Felicia would be graduating from grade 7 and like all graduating batches, they have their annual grad ball.

The theme was Hollywood glam, which means dress up like a star. At the time I was texting with Felicia's mom, I was watching the Oscars, so it was perfect time to get some pegs. Since Felicia was only 13, I told her mom, Tita May, that I'll go fresh and light with the colors since I didn't want Felicia to look to old and I want the makeup age-appropriate. Since she was wearing a dress in a combination of black and colored blue (bought off-the-rack but revamped by Felicia's lola) I went for a fresh, youthful pink scheme. However, I do understand that pink would be too babyish so I went for something in-between by adding taupe and brown so it doesn't look too grownup either. I was inspired by Emma Watson's look during the Christmas Ball in Harry Potter series where she just had her hair half-up, half-down with just very natural and pretty colors. In my case, I had a bit of pink to brighten the whole look.

Prior to makeup, I set her hair in hot rollers. Felicia has really thick hair, so I used up all of the rollers 3/4 of the way, and just used hot curling iron then pin-curled the bottom part so that all sections are curled. For skincare, I chose really mild products, specifically organic products that are safe for any skin type. She has really great skin to begin with, and I'd like to keep it at that.

For her eyes, I used a satiny pale pink on the lids and contoured the crease with a bit of soft salmon pink, taupe, and plum. I really avoided black since I wanted to open the eyes and make them look bright instead of drowning them in a sea of blacks and navy colors. As usual, I went for a Barbie pink color.

Here's a closer detail on her whole look, as you could see, she had large eyes to begin with with lush lashes so I skipped false eyelashes. As soon as I let the curls down, I styled it in a half-up half-down do.

Another picture with her smiling :) See how the lips just pop out, brightening the face? The curls would eventually loosen up in the end, creating soft waves instead of making it look Goldilocks-like.

Here's her Ate Patricia helping her out with body sparkles. Oops, forgot to put flash here and since she was working, she was moving so the picture came out blurry.

Hope Felicia had fun on her graduation party!

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