Sunday, March 20, 2011

Wonder(ful) Wonder Woman Day

Normally, 10 am-ish is a dead day in the mall but yesterday, at the MAC counter in Glorietta, it was a busy, busy, busy time as MAC Artists get ready for the much-awaited launch of the Wonder Woman Collection. You've seen it in blogs, you've seen it in the MAC website, and now it's here. With a WHAM!! and a POW!!! all black gets all comic as it pays tribute to the most iconic superheroine in comic book history.

Speaking of iconic, MAC's iconic red lipstick that made waves, Russian Red, gets a revamp as it joins the Wonder Woman Collection in a va-va-voom packaging.

Still in her signature Russian Red color, counter manager Kang shows us that Russian Red will always be the way to go.

The little nook of Wonder Woman makeup. ZOOOINNNGGGG!!!!!!

Displays Displays!

Even mascaras are revamped too. The first thing that got totally sold out by the time I got there (take note that I got there early) were the nail lacquers, which leaves me getting if not the supersize MSFs, the blush aside from the lippie. Everyone literally was oh-so-excited the line was so busy.

Happy-ness in me went home with two hauls, since I really, really behaved with my makeup purchases. I really missed my home-base.

Wheeee!!!!! Girl power!

I was supposed to get my all-time favorite Russian Red again, since it's my favorite shade and I'd love to see it in the Wonder Woman packaging. However, Al told me that since I have Russian Red already and I could get Russian Red anytime at any day of the year, to get the LE color Spitfire, which was a bright, creamy magenta color.

It's such a purty color!

Another pretty thing in the vanity is the powder blush in Mighty Aphrodite, which is a mix of a peachy coral with gold pearl which goes on as a sheer warm kiss of pretty color and to add a little accent is a coral pink for a pop of color on top. Not too glittery or shimmery that it could be used by anyone.

It's time to head off to work in a few minutes! I'll see how these two new toys fare as I take them with me to work.

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