Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Struck Lucky Gold

I felt lucky today. For my afternoon lunch pole class, I just had the feeling of taking my pretty liquidy gold micro shorts to class today. These shorts were a surprise gift to me by my friend and (amazing pole dancer) Donna, who loves the color gold. So what's with the outfits? Well sometimes, we need pretty things to give us a boost, whether it be a statement lip color, a pretty smoky eye, and in this case... shiny gold shorts. ;-)

I'm glad there are Wednesday lunch classes at Gen Studios. I don't mind really travelling there since I have so much fun at classes. Food can wait (and yes, I really get hungry after pole, if you took the class you know why). Wednesday classes are open levels, meaning you have beginners and intermediate girls all in one class. But not to worry, they don't expect first-timers to do inverts and all the crazy spins. It's fun to get to know girls from other levels and they do help you out.

I used to be really weak at climbs, the type who couldn't go up one level. If you recall my first post, I was death scared of them. But hey, climbs in pole dancing are almost like eyebrows... Without climbs, we couldn't do the basic fantastic poses and all. So I gotta practice. And I'm glad with the proper spotting and strengthening and a lot of inspiration from my very patient teachers and classmates... I was able to go up a level more:

And finally up in a thigh hold without stepping on the pole. But then I was like, hmmm... what if.... I let go of the pole?

It's actually euphoric and a real picture moment. Thanks to my classmates Grace and Glenda plus today's teacher Kayleen for the pictures! Climbs are fun also, yet painful to do and there will be bruises on the shins, back of the knees, and in between the thighs (for thigh holds) but later on, the body would get used to the pain.
Now I need to practice my planks, and to conquer my fear of letting go of the pole in that position. As I'm writing, I sure can't wait for another lesson. In fact, I'm the type to get pole withdrawals if I'm not near my favorite dance partner for quite a while. Oh by the way, the one on the picture with me is named Rain. These poles have really nice names. I'm really eyeing on getting a pole for myself soon, so I could practice at home my spins and do more strengthening exercises and kicks so I get stronger. More on my classes soon!!

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