Monday, March 21, 2011

Spotted at Philstar

While on my way to work last Friday, Cyndee texted me that she saw me at Philippine Star. Since we don't have newspapers at home, I had to ask a favor to buy a copy of Philippine Star at the nearest 7-11 hoping that me being in the newspaper is not in the police report or heaven forbid, the obituaries.

Guess what? I was at the Ystyle section of Philippine Star!

A little back story here. This was taken at the Powerplant Mall on a lazy non-work weekend. Someone approached me and asked if she could take my picture as she would be writing an article on spring fashion. It was all about spring trends and bursts of color, and probably my trusty fluorescent sandals and complementary plum sando (a dress to some, but for giant me, it's a blouse) which is a color harmony as far as the color wheel is concerned gets the seal of approval from the fashion police. MEEEEEE?!?!?!?!?! fasyon?

It pays to dress up on lazy weekends though, right?

Thanks to Philippine Star! :)

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Anonymous said...

super cool :D