Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Shooting with the Polecats

It was a whole day Saturday for me spending it with the lovely Polecats, since we would be doing a photoshoot featuring their awesome moves and awesome costumes. Days prior to the shoot, CD already briefed me on the look she wants for the girls. The first look was inspired by Stella McCartney, so she said natural, clean look. I joked "So we go bridal?" she laughed. I actually chose an athletic bridal peg when I got to doing their makeup and you'll see why.

I did makeup first in Kris's apartment on 5 of them as the rest were still teaching the classes. Pioneer Studios is quite near Kris's place, almost walking distance. But of course, with the costumes, equipment, and stuff, we couldn't get there on

When we got to the studio, I continued on with the makeup.
Of course I'll have my makeup and my magic toolbelt ready at will.

The first look was a very clean and fresh, since the girls would be wearing neutral colors of taupe, gray, and nude colors peppered by sorbet colors of mint green, peach, and pink.

Mara and her wonderful outfit. The photographer, Daemon, was measuring lights so I couldn't use flash.

AJ and Donna strike a pose as they rest from their very difficult poses. Donna had to do a Dove pose on one of her poses, which had her at the top of the pole, back arched, and her back towards the pole. It's a very beautiful pose that's quite advanced.

Here are they choreographing their poses. With the light and studio setups were setting up the X-stage and very long pole, which aren't your usual hardware pipes but sports poles of high quality. The girls did a video BTS shoot also on their own, with Kris touring us around the studio. It's on their Facebook page and also in Youtube at their channel, Polecats Manila.

Hahahaha Kris caught me on the spot I didn't get to rehearse my lines. :P Since there's a restriction if it's embedded, you could go to the YouTube Channel. :)

Here's the final outcome of the Stella McCartney look:
They look so strong and graceful in this look. I love the color scheme, so yes, the presence of ice cream colors made me do bridal looks on them, since pastelly bridal looks are so pretty this summer now. Okay, in this case, bridal with a tad of smokeyness for eyes to pop, and sorta separate this look for template bridals.

The second look was inspired by the movie Burlesque, with Christina Aguilera and Cher. While doing my homework, I saw a scene with Cher when she did the makeup of a young Christina Aguilera, where she put red lips, blush, and lined her eyes with black liquid liner. That look was my inspiration for their bright red lips (Ruby Woo or Russian Red, take your pick) and smokey eyes.

Ballet shoes and warmers plus neutral-colored leotards were replaced by fishnets, liquidy gold and black outfits, and high heels. The girls let their updos loose, boosted their curls, and vavavoom, totally new look! AJ, the sole male dancer, got a totally different smokey eye. Obviously since I can't put red lips on him, I strenghtened his contours and darkened his smokey eye and while at it, I added a touch of red matte shadow - Yes! Red shadow - for fiery eyes.

Group picture at the end of the shoot. Wearing black was a coincidence here, blending in with them ;) Had to wear red lipstick, of course! Credits for the shoot below. Of course, makeup is by yours truly so I'll leave it at that.

Photo Credits:
Models: Polecats
Photographer: Daemon Becker
Location: Pioneer Studios

Also, part of those who need to be credited are the Polecats' very supportive boyfriends, whom they call the Police, and here are they in a group picture with the Polecats.
These guys install the very, very heavy X-stages and poles, carry their equipment, take behind-the-scenes shots, and even were present all the time in the shoot for moral support.

Just like their classes, this shoot was very encouraging and fun. Till next time girls! I'll see you tonight in the community class!


margaret jade said...

we love you bambi! thank you for making us purteeee :)

Polecats said...

Yes! You're the awesomest!!! :)