Monday, March 28, 2011

Glamming With Gaga for a Cause

Lady Gaga never fails to surprise us with her wacky costumes, out-of-this world hair and makeup, and her music that's meant to be hits guaranteed. I first fell in love with her in Poker Face and loved her more when she did Alejandro. Right now she shocks us with whaddya know, a not-so-shocking look that makes us look twice and verify if that is indeed, Lady Gaga.

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Last year, when Lady Gaga became a Viva Glam celebrity spokesperson, her signature shade was a pale bluish pink in a lustre finish. As she again does Viva Glam, she does so in a pretty and classic shade of nude. As the Gaga peg last year was pink brows, smoky eyes, and pink lips to match, this one is a rather tame version, that's almost bridal, if I must say - clean hydroluminous skin, subtle taupe brown eyes lined with lashes with the dark smokiness only on the lower lashline, and if there must be black, it wedges ever-so-slightly on the outer V to tie things together. It reminds me of the papercut bride bridal peg many MAC seasons ago (refresher picture below).
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Hmmm... now that I stared at Lady Gaga's picture, maybe I should have used this as Jho's peg during our trial yesterday? Just kidding Jho. I love you!

Although the nude Lady Gaga lipstick is available already at the MAC website (US and Canada Launch date was February 2011), it's still not here in the Philippines. While at it, here's how they look like (photo credits from Temptalia and you could view her post here).

Iconic red and black Viva Glam packaging, check! Lady Gaga's signature, check! Nude lipstick check!
Same goes with the lipglass.

Much of the swatches and all could be found by google-ing them, so I had to rely on searching online to see if it's a good shade for me or not. I was able to find a good swatch here, since her skin's sorta close to my color, and to most of the colors I work on in general. It looks quite yellow-brown on the tube (it's actually a light neutral beige, as the MAC website describes it). Since this is an amplified finish, it goes on creamy on the lips, which would be a choice of someone who wants coverage without the dry cracked finish that some matte lipsticks cause.

On real time, here's how the Viva Glam lipstick looks on Lady Gaga as she promotes this product. I chanced upon this video on Facebook when Don shared it, which zoinked me to write about the upcoming lippie and lipglass as well.

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