Monday, March 14, 2011

Blogged! Thank You Vatel Manila!

When I got home, I did the routine account checks and one of them was logging in Facebook. While at it, I saw our client Jeff tag me in a link and what a pleasant surprise, our prenup shoot from Subic was blogged in Vatel Manila! By the way, Jeff and his lovely Eds recently got married last month so a big congratulations to them!

Vatel Manila is a wedding florist and you could click on their website to see all their fabulous floral arrangements that you could use on your wedding day or special event, it's up to you. They even do amazing black calla lilies! Yes! black flowers! Not as scary as you think, mind you. They actually look elegant and fabulous. I think Vatel was Eds's and Jeff's florist for their wedding.

I like what they said that it was an exciting shoot at more far-flung places! :) It was really exciting! Imagine the places where we were able to shoot there - so many textures and colors. The picture above was near lighthouse hotel. I am so thinking
Pearl Harbor here.
more shots! more shots! Eds looks so pretty in the third shot! This was before the strong Subic Bay sea wind blowed her curls away so I had to straighten it by the time the old-school fair layout came.
Yay to the credits (if you click on the picture).

Big hugs to my lovie teammates Christine, Aisa, and Mich, our happy (now) newlyweds, and of course, Vatel Manila for featuring us. I hope I get to work with all of you soon again and again and again!

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