Friday, March 18, 2011

And Goddess was the Name: My Goddess Dress Love

I guess it's what they say that I can't have too many dresses. There will always be a dress that I will like whenever I pass by a mall. My story with dresses either of this four mini skits:

1. I see a dress, I look at the price tag. I leave.
2. I see a dress. I look at the price tag. I contemplate. I try it on. I put it back because although it looks splendid on the mannequin, it doesn't look good on me.
3. I see a dress. I look at the price tag and size. I buy it.
4. I see a dress. I look at the price tag. I try it on. I put it back and contemplate whether to buy it or not. The dress haunts my mind for hours. I buy it.

Of course, my dress stories could be series of permutations of these stories or sometimes, a little modification, but either way, each dress tells a story. I'm quite conservative when it comes to dresses. I'm not fond of too much prints. I really like solid colors or just simple color blocking to cut the dress from the monotony. I'm into clean lines and classic cuts instead of frills and ruffles. I like a dress that's simple and not too busy, and I wear them with little or no accessories at all.

One of my favorite styles is the goddess dresses. They're very simple, usually in solid colors that are flowy and comfy so I could wear them to work or an event and still look elegant and polished without sacrificing comfort. The lines are clean, usually just one kind of fabric with not much trimmings (fabric is usually jersey or silk jersey). They feel excellent on the skin and I could move around without anything constricting anywhere. These are quite wearable dresses so I don't look like I'm lost from the Parthenon when event time's over.

Let me show you these dresses I call my Goddess dresses with the assymetrical cuts that are sexy, elegant, and comfortable.

Since I'm not a fan of white, I think this nude gray color would be a good option, and it looks amazing with my new color. I'm darker now since I swim a lot.

The dress is by Pia Gladys Perey and she's usually known for her elegant drapings in neutral colors. Pia's mantra for her dresses is that she wants the looker to fall in love with the woman wearing the dress, and not fall in love with the dress itself. I never thought the color would look good on me. Workmanship-wise the finishing is really very clean that you don't see any loose threads or hemlines showing. The dress is travel-friendly too. It came with a space-saving slim black box that's perfect for those who are travelling.

Ever since designers collaborated with ready-to-wear brands, I'm always on the lookout for something that strikes my fancy. One of my dresses is a Kashieca dress where the brand collaborated with designer Randy Ortiz.

I wanted a dress with sleeves this time, something I could wear to functions or venues with a more conservative dress code. This collection had its dresses named after goddesses and mythological deities and this dress is named Gaia (Mother Earth in Greek mythology) and I chose spinach green for a very fresh springtime color.

Okay, so it falls slightly above the knee in my case but in case I want to show some leg, I could hike up the skirt a bit so it cuts the dress a bit (and hides the bloat from too much pasta).

Hello legs! Hello battle scars, but it's okay :)

The next dress is another discovery, and unlike the two other dresses that are above-knee, this one falls all the way down to the floor. I was shopping in Forever 21 for tops for pole class when I looked around the humongous store a bit. I spotted a lovely long black maxi dress on display on a mannequin. I finally found the rack and saw that it was quite affordable, around Php 605.00 only! I was planning on wearing these when I'll be doing makeup for a wedding or a debut and I still want to look polished and clean without the "duster" look. Normally, I'd go grab it in black but I know that there are some weddings that do not permit black, so I chose a rich royal blue color, the same color of Kate Middleton's famous blue dress, save that my F21 dress is cut this way:
I really like long and simple dresses in solid colors since they emphasize my height. I'm glad too that I'm darker because the royal blue looks so much better on my skin than when I was fairer (yay! morena skin!). It's long enough too for me to still wear slippers and no one would know and then slip into heels when it's time and no one would know that this long and pretty dress costs less than a thousand bucks.

What I like too about these dresses? they're super low-maintenance! The first two dresses are just hand-wash and hang to dry. The blue one goes in the wash and doesn't need much ironing. Now my only problem is looking for more occasions to wear them. :)

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Margaret jade said...

It's so easy to dress you up coz of your long and lean body :) all dresses will surely look good on you ;)

And yes! Love your skin color too!