Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bridal Shoot BTS

It was an early start for me yesterday for a photoshoot in the morning and a client call in the afternoon. Fortunately, they were within the area anyway. The day for me started by getting to Santana Grove in Sucat to meet up with Christine and our model Karina for a bridal-inspired shoot. I got to the area first since I took SLEX, with the southbound lane faster since everyone's going north to work. While at it, I waited for Christine and Karina with a second breakfast of Chowking hot noodle soup and chicharap.

As soon as we all met up, Christine drove us to BF Paranaque for the shoot, where she did a little set-up of the venue so we could do makeup as she fixes the necessary permits. We were going to shoot bridal gown shoots today in ethereal and whimsical settings, so the one thing I had in mind was of course, bridal makeup.

Christine brought tables, chairs, and furniture as props too, but while at it, the furniture doubled as a makeshift outdoor makeup "room", throwing in my tambak.

Christine's tinted car functions as storage room/dressing room for Karina.

I spotted cute goats while shooting too. :)

For her makeup, I did a very warm palette first, my trademark bridal look inspired by Karina's golden color. Christine just said to let her hair loose since it was going to be outdoors.

She does look like Nicole Scherzinger right? This look I chose for the gowns with a clean palette, or those who want a natural no makeup look on their wedding.
The thing she's actually holding is a bag.

Look! The dress has a mini-version!

It's my third time to shoot here actually, the first one it was a hot summer day. It's a good thing that it was a warm windy day, so Karina's makeup hardly melted and the lash glue gripped on the lashline amazingly well. The location, Tropical Ruins used to be a resort hotel that burned down years ago but the place has got so much character it's been used for photoshoots and all. Would you believe delivery services could actually find the area and there was a time that KFC delivered here? How cool is that?

The second look was a sample of how I could do a smoky eye on a bride, since there are some brides that request for smoky eyes, especially those who are going to have a nighttime wedding. Smoky eyes are possible in the wedding day, but it all depends too on the time and theme of the wedding.

This time, I had to let go of the comfy chair since Christine would be using it to shoot the third layout. While at it, though I played bodyguard to Christine's camera bag.

I had to guard it with my life or die. Anyway, among the roster of furniture Christine got was a humongous antique harp, which we were supposed to use for another layout but we ran out of time since Karina and I had already appointments. But the harp was too cute so I wanted a picture with it.

Not wearing makeup today, hah. Thank you shadow of the big tree! The FitFlops I've been wearing have really lessened my back pains and are perfect for climbing uphill. I'll post the complete credits when the pictures are up. :)

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