Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Carlton Launches Its First-Ever Store at SM Megamall

Travel bags are worth the investment. We need bags that could support heavy weights and withstand being tossed, turned, and toppled over without splitting to smithereens within days or weeks of usage. In my personal case, travel bags also function as gig bags since my equipment is heavy plus I tend to manhandle my bags as well.

I attended the media launch of Carlton Travel Goods at SM Megamall. Since I wasn't doing much that day save for a few errands, I thought I'd maximize this day by attending a press event as well. After my errands at Makati, I hopped over to SM Megamall and decided to check out the event over tea, Bizu, and a bonus glass of vino.

On display at the SM Megamall Atrium were the luggages. The hard case is perfect for the heavy traveller or for those carrying heavy but fragile equipment and it needs to be protected. I like the fact that it comes in fun colors too, so I don't get my luggage lost in a sea of black, brown, and navy.

I also saw the store, which happens to be on the third level, and took pictures of these babies on display. And yes, of course my eye catches the red luggage (more of this later).

When we registered, we were given a key with a little combination. What happens was that we were supposed to enter the combination on the suitcase and if the suitcase opens, we win a prize. Unfortunately, Lady Luck wasn't with me that day, so I didn't win.

Okay, so after that, the 2009 and 2010 collections were presented via a fashion show, which feature aside from the basic black and brown, pops of color such as red, purple, and lime.
After that, I picked a bag to go home with and be my travel-and/or-gig companion.
I got a Holdall bag from the Motif line. On storage it looks like a really thin bag but it expands giving way for more gear. Plus it came in red (rust red, specifically. perfect accessory to go with it? my signature red lipstick). I could use this for domestic travel (I'm definitely checking this in), road trips, and location shoots where I need more gear than I could use. The red would definitely pop out from the conveyor belt so there's less to worry on. As of the present, this bag is in stock in my closet, yet it sure can't wait till it gets used.

Wait for its first day at work!


Anonymous said...

Hi, I am so sorry to bother you but I have been looking for threads on how much carlton luggages cost but I really can't find one. If you could just please help me? how much did you buy yours and how much are the big ones? so sorry but I'd really appreciate your help. Thank you!

Bambi said...

i think i got mine for 2,500. the prices really depend on the size and type of luggage you want. :)