Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Suit Up, Boys!

As I finally blog about D-Day after days of absence, I start my series of post with some of the boys on the event, and their interpretations of coat and tie, the dress code for the affair.
The groom himself is OC about the coat and tie, getting everything down to the detail. His suit was bought with me in tow for a second opinion, which hardly helped, just like me buying makeup with him around. His suit was by Armani, which he had altered as it was too loose for him initially and after losing weight, he needed to look all spiffed up. The shirt and vest were bought in SM, would you believe. We were settling for a high-end European brand but since the suit already made a name for itself, we went to SM for high-quality vests and soft polo. Spiffy formal shoes bought from Rockport. He was at first hesitant to buy shoes but I told him I got mink lashes, two wedding shoes, and a whole lot more expenses so he complied and no one complained.

Groomsman Anthony goes for a more laid-back version, his own, ditching leather shoes for his Chuck Taylors. He definitely carried it well, and I'm glad he keep the Chucks since the Chucks are so him, and it fits his personality too.

My blogger friends Marcelle and Fritz in their own versions of the coat and tie. Marcelle with a Fedora hat. Marcelle told me that his spiffy suit was actually bought off the rack and he made it his own with his tie and Fedora. Fritz gets male fashion down to pat. He chooses navy blue for his suit color, and this set is tailored by Exclusively His. I found out too that the new suits of today have 2 buttons now instead of 3. Whether custom made or off the rack, these blogger buds of mine know how to rock a red carpet.

Best man Dennis also went for custom made(right). I like the bright bold tie, which coincidentally matched the MOH's dress and color motif among other things.

Mike opted not to have a tie since he's doubling as a photographer and he wanted something comfortable without constricting his neck.

Since I'm used to seeing them look just casual at work and hanging out, it was a surprise to see my work friends in suits:

Yeoh opts not to have a tie as well but keeps it all in a one-color scheme. Wacks gwapo-ed up with a gray tie and all-black ensemble. It was funny seeing him all decked up as he was fixing my hair. TJ goes for black and white with a dark-colored tie. Yeoh's one of my groomsmen while TJ is partnering with his ladylove Jho also as veil sponsor.

Another rule is never wear a white tie with a white shirt. But if you're donning an all-black suit, a white tie is accepted. This sexy slim fit suit is custom made and designed by Dennis Celestial for my friend EJ.
Looking good boys. As Barney Stinson says, "Suit Up!" So you guys out there, how do you wear your suits?


Anonymous said...

wow congrats! did u do your own makeup?

Bambi said...

another blog post on that. :)

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Congratulations Bambi!!! :)

Lauren said...

Congratulations Bambi! So happy for you. Saw your wedding photos on Facebook, you looked stunning. :)

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