Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My PCA Peel Lowdown

Okay, so you guys found out that I had a skin peel 2 weeks ago, and you see me raving about my peel experience on how my skin felt new after being abused with makeup. So here's what I can say about the products itself.

Since I had very little skin problems anyway and skin irritations, they gave me a very gentle, the mildest of the mild blended TCA peel. This was after analyzing my skin condition, since it's actually very fine.

So the PCA Sensi Peel was what I had, which really was
"formulated for extremely sensitive skin types, offering ski n smoothing, tryosinase inhibition, strengthening, and hydration to many who previously would not have been candidates for chemical exfoliation procedures (e.g. rosacea). It is very effective with virtually no irritation."

So after the facial (no prick!) I was smoothed on a toner and on a scale of 0 to 10, asked the pain. if I would have said 5 or more (like araaaayyyy!!!!) level, my treatment would have stopped there but since I felt almost nada, I was brushed on the PCA Sensi Peel.
How did it feel? Painless. Had I not known it was a chemical peel, I would swear it was water or very mild toner. Like the toner and facial wash by PCA that I just absolutely fell in love with, this was unscented and very light.
I had like around 2-3 coats of this, since I didn't have any pain at all. Since I was allergic to aspirin, the PCA Esthetique Peel was skipped for me due to its salicylic acid content. I also had some redness on the sides of my nose so I got the PCA Anti-Redness serum on those spots. Just like all PCA prods, it was virtually scentless if your nose is numb, but if you could take a whiff, it had a hint of a clean smell, another thing I like about it, since I don't want my chemical treatments smelling like medicine. I also got a vitamin C serum which tanned me a bit (I forgot the name sorry!) and since pre-anti-sunscreen me has given me some pigmentation spots, I also got a spot-dose on those by the PCA Pigment Gel HQ Free on those uglies before they start becoming a brown little island on my skin.
Protection came in last with the PCA hydrator plus SPF 25... on the few minutes that are inevitable that I'm on the sun, at least my newly-peeled face is protected.
My overall say on the products: Light as a feather. Imagine how many layers of products are there but I didn't feel like I had a whole hollow block on my face. Normally, what I don't like about going to treatments is that my face ends up heavier with all those creams than I had with a full face of makeup on. And when the peels of yore make us look like molting reptiles, this one left me "peeling glowing". The scent-wise, I like. It's very light and it's good that they're not too scented because too many scents intermixing together can be baaaaadddd right? And no scents mean less chemicals. Oh, okay, not all are super unscented, there are some products, like the hydrator plus, which had this really nice scent that's not too heavy on the nose.
Loving my peel? Yeah. Well, since it's been two weeks, Imma already wearing my full face of makeup (actually I just had a photoshoot that weekend), but I can say I'm more aware of my skin now.
For more info on PCA skin and their products, email info@pcaskin.com or check their website at www.PCASKIN.com

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Askmewhats said...

I have never tried peeling in my entire life! i have never tried PCA products as well, it was just newly launched here right?