Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Everyone Can Be a Supermodel

Sure you can! That's how it is in the industry, right? Let's all help each other out. And that's the philosophy of The Model Project, a photoshoot organized by models for models. "It all started as young models trying to help each other out with their folios," states Yeoh Egwaras, one of the models and organizers of the project. Soon, professionals in the industry began helping out as well. Participants of the project are up-and-coming talented artists some of them photographer Jaydproductions, fashion designers John and Paul Herrera (their works have already sashayed Philippine Fashion Week), fashion designer Dax Bayani, makeup artist/writer/stylist Tippy Destacamento, and photographer/graphic artist Paul Ang to name a few.

VINTAGE LOVE: Tanzie Amor [right] and Brian Galicia work it. (Makeup by Tippy Destacamento. Amor's corset and headpiece provided and styled by Tippy Destacamento. Brian's clothes by Shannon Pamaong). Photo by Jaydproductions

Last August 9, the website was officially made open to the public featuring the pictures and a lot have garnered great remarks. Models were transformed by the makeup artists, stylists, and photographers from the casual but fasyon look to high fashion mannequins worthy of the runway. I also took part as part of the makeup team, and also this shoot helped me express myself through avante garde makeup, my second time in years.

A WARRIOR GOES GLAM: Sheng Du comes at you. Makeup by Bambi de la Cruz. Clothes by Rodel Morris. Photo by Jaydproductions.

SAMURAI STYLE: Yeoh Egwaras keeps the pose simple and quiet yet not sacrificing impact. Yeoh was my first avante garde canvas featuring my lighting abstract cubism artwork. Makeup by Bambi de la Cruz. Coat by Shannon Pamaong. Photo by Paul Ang.

Model and logistics Jovy Querubin adds, "Yeoh and Amor had great aspirations for the success of everyone in our circle of friends, Later on we realized that what we are planning would not only help the Model but everyone in the industry as well. It was a small idea which was made big by the desire to uplift each one of the artists involved."

The project also introduced Multiply businesses that have been popular in the blogosphere particularly The Perfect White Shirt, with fun illustrations boasting school pride or making a statement.

BASURA QUEEN: Jovy Querubin makes a fasyon and earth-awareness statement. Makeup by Tippy Destacamento. Shirt by The Perfect White Shirt. Photo By Paul Ang.

NO MONKEY BUSINESS: Model and upcoming TV actress Rachel Narag and her perfect tarsier shirt. Makeup by Bambi de la Cruz. Shirt by The Perfect White Shirt. Photo by Jaydproductions.

"I guess what worked for us was the effective communication through SMS and YM conferences, though at first not all people were able to attend the nightly mettings, towards the end of the planning we were able to coordinate well with everyone and through constant reminders and our own willingness and perseverance for the project to be a success, everyone was able to participate at their best effort," adds Jovy.

With The Model Project Cycle 1 being a success and a lot of inquiries about how it goes, I sure hope that there would be a next cycle.

To the models and crew of The Model Project Cycle 1, Congratulations! For those who would want to view the complete set of the masterpieces, as well as models and crew, log on to: http://themodelproject.multiply.com. All shots were taken at the ArtPhotoStudio. Do leave comments as well. Thanks!

(All pictures are from The Model Project Website)

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