Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Pink-Letter Day

Pink is <3!

Just before I head out of the door.... I'd like to present the youngest addition to my makeup collection in conjunction with an announcement:

Heatherette is here in Manila shores, with only limited stocks!

I was at MAC yesterday when Mikee showed me the collection and I just could not resist. After jobs well done, I needed a reward:

That's Hollywood Nights, a bright, semi-matte pink. :-) And the packaging is ooh-la-la gorgeous. Pink in all forms of flirtiness.

I actually have a tutorial coming up in mind already. Overall, when I tried it, I already loved it. aside from the richly pigmented pink, it stayed on even after I wiped it off. it sort of has a staying power, and that's one thing I like about MAC's semi-matte lipsticks. So I was like, "Mikee! One Hollywood Nights! Here's my credit card!"

Coincidentally, I own a pink credit card as well.

After that I texted Sophie and informed her and the rest of the MAC-aholic bloggers (hello! hello!) Guess what? she also has her own Heatherette loot too!

Okay, so I love my reds still but maybe my lips need a vacation and have a bit of the tint variety.

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Sarah said...

Wow, great site =] I'd looove to see your makeup collection. How was it starting off as a makeup artist?