Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Canon Chronicles Part 2

Remember my post regarding my camera's condition? I've gotten advices from my photographer colleagues that are Canon users. Apparently, since my camera is under extended warranty, they are still awaiting for word from the insurance. Since I was infuriated at my camera not having any updates, I gave a call last Friday and the CSR told me that they will give me an update by 9 AM the following day at the latest. Well guess what, I have given them 3 contact numbers and no word.

Yesterday, I was near fuming when I called again Canon and they gave the same excuse. I told them that I'll follow it up myself at the insurance company if they give me the number of the insurance company and the information I need to give them. Afterwards, I called the insurance company and they stated that they could not find the paper that Canon has faxed them. Canon has claimed that they faxed the quotation already weeks ago. I told them to find it and gave the serial number and the situation. Turns out it was buried under a pile it was already approved and somehow, they forgot to fax it back. I told them to fax it right now because I have been waiting for the repair for so long already. I heard the guy at the other line mutter, "Mahirap ata yon," I was appaled and said "ANO?" and the guy said, "Ma'm we'll fax it right now. Please tell Canon to check their fax machine as sometimes it does not work." So I said thanks and hung up.

Afterwards, I called up Canon again and told them that the insurance company will be faxing the approval right now and they go need to check it out. They asked the number of the insurance company just in case and they told me that they would call me again today for an update regarding the repair. Come 5 pm-ish they did call me and told me that the insurance has approved the quotation and the engineer is now repairing my camera.

Finally! I just need to call them, follow up, and make them kulit. Till the next update. will be blogging about it soon.

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