Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Shoot-Filled Weekend

It was a 3-day weekend pala last weekend and while others spent the day relaxed, I was plugged with shoots and activities from saturday to tuesday. Kinda tiring but worth it. Last Saturday, I did makeup for my (now) regular client, Touie, since she was going to a party. She was wearing a green dress so I did green smoky eyes to match. Last Sunday, I had a shoot for BARE in Paranaque, and although I was there for half-day, I really had fun. I got to meet new friends and did makeup for my old friends, some of them I worked with in past projects like MPC.

Anyways, Monday, I had a shoot with up-and-coming photographer friends Marc, Shed, and Eric. I met them from my shoot with Hued Manila (a multiply clothing line) and they've asked me to MuA for another shoot. The theme was dark glam and 1920s. So here are the photos:

(Photo by Marc Yu)
This is Iya. For those who frequent my folio, you know Iya as the girl I shot with for Hued Manila. This time, she channels the flapper era and dons dark smoky vampy eyes, the trademark 1920s eyebrows, red lips and yes - fingerwaves. I did all the fingerwaves and Iya was so galeng in posing. I love how I could play around with her eyebrows. In fact, I was amused that she even went to the mall with that makeup. :D
(Photo by Shed Chua)
And here's the other model, Kate. I really could relate with Kate because she's a pre-med student in DLSU. BS Biochem! O ha! I gave her a gothic bride look. Okay, for my brides-to-be, this is not how you will look like on your wedding day. We just wanted to go for a dark but glamour look. And me naman, I always like making my models look pretty. This is a new look for Kate because it's darker whereas Kate is used to the sunshine, clean, pretty look, but she still rocked it, 'ne?

Oh yeah, and I did manage to do a bit of camwhoring myself. Why? Because I'm very vain.

(Photo by Shed Chua)
Very natural... at least in my case because it's got my own favorite makeup: A clean face save for the red lips. My hair was set in loose waves . Also, I like black dresses so I wore a black dress. Marc said this could pass for a shampoo ad. Me? Do a shampoo ad? Why not! hhahahaha. Oh, and this is not photo-retouched so that's all me - with makeup.
The thing with photoshoots is that although they look so glam, there are a couple of funny shots behind the scenes like these:

I'm such a dork behind Kate as i fixed her black "veil".

Clockwise from top left: Me, Marc, Eric, Shed, Kate, and Iya. Photographed by Shed's makeshift tripod.

Ayan... who says we're all serious? I'm very satisfied with their work. For people starting out in the business, they sure do pretty good in what they do.
The next day was a shoot with one of my favorite photographers: Stanley Ong! Stan has been a favorite of many models, MuAs, and stylists for being so kwela in shoots. In fact, he already has a fan club. Since my last Stan Ong shoot was May or April pa, I was already having a serious case of Stanley Photoshoot Withdrawal Symptoms. So I said yes to this shoot. This time, it was different. I did makeup and hair and the models were body-painted so they look like dresses. It was really cool. The body paint was done by Badj Virola, a bodypainter/makeup artist. Badj is also a model and I used her as my canvas towards the end of the shoot.

Leah doing a Chinese-inspired look. I must say cat's eyes and winged eyeliner are my now favorites.

And here's Breezely doing a Cleopatra. What I did was bronze her (I love the model's color) then gave her colorful smoky eyes. Badj did a good job also on her dress. She reminded me of Patricia Velasquez's character in The Mummy.

Galeng galeng! :-) And again, like all shoots, this was a very fun shoot. Events like these remind me why I love my job as a makeup artist... I get to meet wonderful people, make people beautiful, while have fun as well.
Badj Virola, me, and Leah. The model/bodypainter. The makeup artist. The model. Photographes by Stanley Ong


Askmewhats said...

Congrats sis! I love all the shots and I especially love the funny shots !!!! I can see RED lippie on you!!! You look great! :) keep up and more to come!

bambi said...

thanks nikki! ay naku marami pa yan if you view my folio. :)