Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Paul & Joe Moisturizing Compact Foundation: The Un-Foundation Foundation

"Skin looks flawless with just one coat
Compact cream foundation makes pores vanish and creates a smooth, fine complexion"

Retail price: Php 2,150 for the full compact, Php 1,250 for the refills @ the Paul and Joe Counter in Rustan's Makati.


I've decided to do this review on the Paul and Joe Moisturizing Compact foundation after I've heard my clients rave about how it looks and how I've experienced it first-hand. The first time I've tried Paul & Joe foundation was at their workshop at Ascott a year ago and this was conducted by their international makeup artist, Craig Ryan French. And here's how it looked like on my model, Owee:

This was taken using my then-okay powershot, which I'm bugging Canon to fix right away, but you can see that her skin had this dewy glow. It didn't look like dry, cakey foundation but it looked like her skin.

The compact is your regular cream foundation. Aside from the pretty packaging Paul & Joe makeup is known for, I like the fact that it smells really nice. It reminds me of tea, for some reason, but at least I don't get a whiff of the "cosmetic" smell. Despite the fact that it's cream, it feels really light on the skin, it's not heavy or pore-clogging or do I feel it will slide the moment I step out of the sun. It also blends very easily, and even non-makeup artists can use this. It's great also for mature skin since it's cream so it has some extra-moisturizing capacities.

As far as photography is concerned, what I like about P&J foundations is how they photograph well. They have this sort of "dewy" appearance that gives the wearer a dewy glow. It's just perfect for wedding when you want to look fresh and youthful. I used this on my model, Asa, on her photoshoot

(photo by Shed Chua)

I've also used this on my brides for their trial makeup and I've seen how they really have that radiant "glow" and they did not look like they're wearing foundation. Despite the creamy formulation, it's okay on oily skin since they sort of "set" into powdery-silky smoothness. Plus, they also double as concealers.


You can apply it with your fingertips on yourself (just "cut" the desired amount from the pan with a spatula to avoid contamination) or go ahead and use a sponge or flat foundation brush to go ahead and apply it.

For client use, better if you "cut" the desired amount from the pan with a clean spatula then apply on your pallete and use a foundation brush or wedge sponge to apply on your client.


I love it! I love it! I love it! It's foundation that's like second skin- except much better. A technique I learned as MUA is just to buy the refills, it's cheaper (and more earth-friendly) that way. :-)

(Note: My models are just used for illustrative purposes only, to see the effect of the product. They are not modeling or promoting Paul & Joe cosmetics. :-) )


Liz Venturina said...

thanks for sharing, Bambi! :-)

i always hear P&J from my fellow beauty bloggers but i am more curious now after reading this entry. :-)

Bambi said...

hi liz!

I think they have in Singapore but go stock up when you go here in Manila. :-)

P&J does not look like fonda at all.