Friday, August 8, 2008

A Beauty Secret From The Culinary Expert

Chef Lisa Leong is a gourmetician who promotes healthy eating and healthy cooking and fuss-free cooking. She could bake a cake from a rice cooker perfectly and she never makes use of complicated measuring ingredients. Her recipes are just as good as how we would traditionally make them but she makes everything so easy without sacrificing quality.

During her Asian Culinary Workshop last night, she shared with us not just her recipes but her best-kept beauty regimen. "I don't use cosmetics!" she reveals. Her favorite moisturizer, hair styling cream, and beauty potion is her bottle of COCOS Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, which she uses to cook her gourmet meals. She takes a tablespoon before a meal, and uses it to moisturize her hands, her face, and style her hair. She made us guess how old she was. Some guessed that she was in her early 40s but she revealed that she is 55 years old, with 3 grandchildren (she brought out her family picture) and 2 grown children, one a doctor and the other a chef.

After the talk, I approached her and asked about it. I've noticed that up close, her skin looks so nice and satin-smooth as if she never worked at all (Take note that she is a chef). She showed me the product and rubbed it on my skin. Knowing that the virgin coconut oil we're used to is heavy and sticky, this one felt light on my skin and it's quicky absorbed as well. There's a jasmine variant and a plain variant. "You can add a drop of your favorite essence or fragrance if you wish!" She told me. It's also aromatherapy if you add mint essence and put it in between your brows. "It would help you when you want to sleep!"

I better get that bottle soon. You know what made me smile more about the bottle? When she said even oily-skinned girls could use it and it won't feel heavy and sticky. Okay, so I'm not an oily-skinned girl but knowing about this means it must be good. ;-) Oh, and the effects are still here on my forearm... soft and smooth. :-)

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