Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Beauty Arsenal Tag

What facial cleanser do you use?
>>PCA facial wash. :-) I love how it's super unscented but it gets the dirt all off. My face feels clean but not tight. I also use Eskinol with tea tree oil. I'm a tea tree addict. Heeheehee.

What toner do you use?
>> PCA smoothening toner and Shu Uemura WREx whitening lotion.

What moisturizer do you use?
>> Day moisturiser: Paul and Joe Moisturizing Lotion or Myra Moisturizing lotion since they feel ultra light and are lightly scented then I top them off with sunblock. I use Neutrogena or Shu Uemura.

Night moisturiser: Still Myra. I also use Paul and Joe serum. :)

How many times a day do you wash your face? >> One in the morning and a thorough one at night, especially when I wear makeup. I got to remove all that gunk before I go to bed, no matter how tired I am.

Do you use eye makeup remover? If so, what kind?
>> Yes. I use cleansing oils (Shu Uemura gets my vote, since it's very gentle on my skin yet removes gunk like no other). I like those made by Asian brands like Paul and Joe, Shu Uemura, and Elianto.

Is your skin oily, dry, or combination skin?
>> Combination.

What is the best part about your skin?
>>I'm not allergic to makeup and I have fine pores. Plus, I don't get breakouts easily, provided I use the right products.

What are your skin problems?
>>I have redness on the sides of my nose. I'm selective with my skin care and makeup.


What foundation do you use?
>> Paul and Joe Creamy Compact #30, MAC Mineralize Satinfinish in NC35, Sally Hansen Airbrush Foundation when I need waterproof abilities.

What powder do you use?
>> MAC Select Sheer in NC30.

What eyebrow pencil do you use?
>> Paul and Joe Eyebrow Pencil #04, MAC Brow Finisher in Blond.

What eyeliner do you use?
>> Kohl eyeliner and Kryolan when I want it smoldering and smokey. I use dark brown when I want it simple. I like Italia because it does not smudge and it's pretty easy to apply.

What is your favorite eyeshadow? >> MAC, hands down for color. Clinique and Shu for a sheer wash, revlon for staying power, and Fanny Serrano and Baxi for the pigments without sacrificing cost.

What mascara do you use?
>> I go for cheap mascaras since you chuck it out every 3-4 months anyway. I like the waterproof formulation of Fasio and it's not pricey. I also like Face Shop. I'm really eyeing on L'Oreal Volume Shocking for personal use.

What are your favorite lipbalms/glosses/sticks?
>> I'm a matte lipstick girl and MAC has the best mattes out there. I also collect red lipsticks. I'm using a conservative red, MAC Hot Tahiti and I'm gonna buy a MAC Russian Red Lipstick in the US. Clinique lipsticks photograph really well. I also love Shu, YSL, Guerlain, Paul and Joe, L'Oreal, Maybelline, and Body Shop. For gloss, I'm not really a gloss fan, as I find glosses sticky and slide-y.


Do you color your hair?
>>> Not anymore. I don't like it when the roots grow out.

What is your stylists name?
>> I only go for a haircut as I can do my own hair and makeup anyway. I go to Going Straight in Greenbelt, Alabang, and here in LP.

What salon do you go to?
>> Going Straight or Fix

What is your natural hair color?>> Black

What is your hair color now?
>> It's back to its natural color and I plan to keep it that way.

Do you have straight or curly hair?
.>>> Wavy

Do you use a curling iron?
>> Yes, when I feel like it.

A straightener?
>> Yes I do.

Do you use a blow dryer?
>> Yes to dry the hair then set it in velcro rollers for volume, benders for tight curls, or flat-iron it for poker-straight hair.

Do you use gel and if so, what kind?
>> Bench Fix

Do you use mousse, and if so, what kind?
>> Clairol Herbal Essenses and White Rain.

What shampoo and conditioner do you use?
>> I'm using Sunsilk now.

Do you use leave in conditioner?
>> On occasions when I flat-iron.


What deodorant do you use?
>> Dove

What body wash do you use?
>> The Body Shop Olive Body Gel, Bath and Body Works, Elizabeth Arden Green Tea.

Do you use a loofah, washcloth or soap to wash?
>> Loofah. They get dead skin cells out better.

What perfumes do you use or like?
>> I go for baby colognes and fresh, fruity scents. Some scents I use: Pure in Vanilla, Bath and Body Works, Victoria's Secret, Ralph Lauren Romance, and Lancome So In Love.

Do you always have to smell good?
>> Yes I do

I tag everyone who's reading this.

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