Thursday, August 21, 2008

Camera Users Please Help!

My Canon Powershot A430 has been taken to the service center after 1-1/2 years of service. Apparently, it had decided to die down on me by conking the sensor/shutter/whatever. It can't take good pictures anymore and since I need it for work, I need to have it repaired. And take note: It has never, ever, ever, been maltreated, wet, or whatever. Never nabagsak rin yan. It's treated well like a firstborn child.

Anyway, the good thing is that it's under extended warranty program, so the repair will be free of charge. The bad thing about it is that they stated that it will be done in 14-21 days and I will hear from them. Come 14 days, Canon Service Center has not sent me email confirmation, texts, or called me. I have given them all contact information but still no word. I proceeded to call the, and they stated that the insurance has not given any quotation or word to them. After a week, I decided to give it a call and what do you know? WALA PA RIN UPDATE! I was really fuming mad kasi parang walang ginagawa sila sa problema. Apparently, a lot have those problems with their Canon point-and-shoot. I also requested for a loan unit na sabi nila pwede naman but sabi nila wala raw until now. No quotation, no word from insurance. Naririnig ko lang is puro magfoforward ng report and all.

Really, I mean hindi ako palagalit talaga but that's all I can hear from them - puros na lang follow-up, promos, susulat ng report, and all. All I want is my camera to be fixed. And sinabi na if it could no longer be fixed, papalitan ung mismong unit. I waited the 21 days that they stated and ni quote ng insurance wala pa. According to the customer service representative, since my camera is under extended warranty (with warranty and sales invoice to prove it), I will not shed a single peso for the payment since I paid an extra 1K for the extended warranty (I purchased the unit last December 2006 at Automatic Center in Glorietta 4, and the extened warranty is up to 3 years, so abot pa), ang magbabayad yung insurance. But according to Canon, wala pa raw word ang insurance. Standby pa rin.

Whoever is in charge of the following up with insurance, warranty, repairs, or what-not, I really hope he or she is reading this blog entry. I've been a Canon loyalist, and I plan to be using Canon all the way. Kahit point-and-shoot yung camera ko, I still need it, and I want action done fast. I don't want pa-follow up or pa-forward ng report. I want UPDATES. I want ACTION. I want something done fast. I want COMMUNICATION. At least man lang, kulitin ung insurance, whoever the insurance may be na magsend ng quotation.

Anyone have any idea how this exactly goes? Para naman maliwanagan ako o. Thanks!


Crissy said...


Around 2 years ago, we also had a problem with a Canon point and shoot camera. Apparently, there were "bugs" with that model in the first place, so it was replaced with a new model.

We just constantly followed them up via phone too.

Hope you get your camera soon!

bambi said...

thanks girl! siguro kulitin ko rin sila ng kulitin. im using a borrowed P&S now but I surely miss mine. :-<