Thursday, August 28, 2008

Shoe Talk: Cole Vintage Fiji

A makeup artist talking about shoes? Well really, inasmuch as that I'm not the type of person to pile up on accessories (at least a watch, but I've been lazy to put one on lately), shoes and bags are stuff I fuss about. Bags because I do carry a lot of stuff and I need a big, sturdy bag that will not cause a noticeable dent on my wallet.

Shoes, for a fact, are something that aside from makeup, I would not think twice on splurging on- providing I'm rich enough. For one thing, my feet are very picky. Whenever I want shoes, I have to try them on myself rather than ask someone to buy it for me. I also have to make sure that they're comfortable. I've learned my lesson from buying shoes that look hella good on my feet but hurt like hell. My feet are also very picky with the design. My size is an 8-1/2 M but for the cutesy shoes I can go up to a 39 and sometimes even a 40 (I think that's a 10). Also, since my work entails me to stand up for prolonged periods of time, comfort and durability is always the top priority for me. Price comes next.

My usual shoes are a pair of cork slides I got from the US (on super sale at the Navy Exchange) and these live and work well until now. I also have the usual flip-flops everyone is crazy about when I feel like being low-maintenance. When I was in makeup school, I learned the value of close-toed flats hence my purchase for ballet flats at the Paseo Center Bazaar, and this served me for well, more than a year until it decided to give out on me after wear-and-tear. I needed a replacement for these that would protect my feet yet help me stay comfortable.

While at Serendra, I chanced upon sale items at Mia Bella and saw that Cole Vintage had sale items. On sale was this line called Fiji, which were peep-toed faux croc skin mules.

I saw a burgundy, gold, and beige pair but when I found out that they had it in black, I immediately asked for a size 8 and size 9, thinking either or could fit me. I tried the size 8. It was okay except it felt a bit snug. The size 9 was way too loose. The salesladies suggested I try an 8 since the shoe would be expanding as I break into it anyway . I saw the point so I purchased the size 8. Oh and the money I spent for this was just Php495, so it was indeed a good buy.

This Fiji design had a bit of a wedge heel to it, so there's a tad of support. I also like the fact that it was "close" enough so it could protect my toes from being stepped on or run on, and my toes are very sensitive since I've had surgery twice on my foot already. Another bonus is the cushion it had for my foot arches. Since I stand for a whole lot of time, I've got my feet protected and covered plus, the bonus arch support. For the strain I have when I stand for long periods of time, I usually wear support stockings with my shoes.

With these shoes, my feet looks a tad smaller than its real gargantuous size. Shoes like these tend to minimize the size of my feet. Plus, although it is closed, it's still okay to wear on hot days. It's also got this peep-toe detail so I could flaunt my newly-polished nails. I'm currently in the darker, warmer, and spicy nail shades. Currently, my nails are painted in a nice, warm bronze shade, but that's another topic altogether.

As I'm writing this article, I'm currently wearing my Fijis while breaking them in. I'm currently wearing a pair of socks to help give it some more room and for my feet to get used to them first. I usually do that when breaking in a new pair of shoes. Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with my purchase. I'm sure this pair will serve me well. The quality looks sturdy and not to mention they do not pinch. Oh, and the arch support is indeed love.

I'm glad I saw these items, and at a very good price too!

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