Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Suesh Vanity Starter Set Contest Update: Reformat of Mechanics -- CLOSED

Hey all! So how was your weekend? I spent my weekend in a very beautiful place and stuffed myself with all that's beautiful in it.

And speaking of beautiful? Remember the Suesh Vanity Starter Set contest I wrote a few entries back? Well, since we haven't been receiving entries, I decided to change the mechanics to make it easier. :) All you have to do is this:

1. In the comments below, all you have to do is post a comment on the comments section on this post answering this question:

Why you would love to win a Suesh Vanity Starter set?

2. Don't forget to leave your full name since I'll be using that to choose the winners.
3. Winners will be chosen via random order. There will be three winners for this contest, so still three sets given.

Now here are the rules:
1. The rule applies to Philippine readers/residents only.
2. Only one entry per contestant.

You don't need to be a makeup artist to join. You can be a makeup fanatic, a makeup school student, or anyone who loves makeup but doesn't know where to start. As a refresher, let me show you the prizes:

A color palette to do your eye makeup with cheeks to match:

Suesh 7-piece brush set for touch-ups or to do personal makeup:

Suesh Portable 3-way LED mirror (eyes open):

Hope you guys join! Take care and enjoy the Holidays


Rowena Wendy Lei said...

I'd like to win a Suesh Starter Set because I've never had a chance to use any Suesh product and I have way too many other products to consider buying at the moment.

Pam Silloco said...

I'm a make-up fanatic who dreams of becoming a make-up artist someday. If I'd be lucky to be chosen as the winner of the Suesh Vanity Starter Set, it would be a great start for me. I would be able to experiment on creating different looks for myself and my friends using the Suesh kit. It would be a perfect Christmas present! :D

ja said...

I want to win the makeup kit because I've always wanted to learn how to properly apply makeup on myself. I don't know which bushes to use though and what colors compliment what. I've been using my fingers and cheap brushes and since my entire makeup kit got lost, I want to replace it with a more professional one to apply makeup correctly. :)

Janelle Cua

Alaizza Quiozon said...

I've always been a make-up fanatic since I was young, I am now a College student which enables me to work as an amateur makeup artist for different school events. I learn by watching youtube tutorials and is using my sister's makeup stuff since I do not have my own. Makeup artists really do inspire me! I'd really love to win a Suesh Starter Set so I could enhance my skills and make more people feel beautiful! :) ♥

Maria Herrera said...

I recently finished watching ru paul's drag race
and was inspired by the ablities of the drag queen contestants in utilizing their make up kits and accessories in creating a facial masterpiece.With make-up they were able to bring out their alter egos and bring forth a gorgeous interpretation of the individuality that sets each person a part in this world. at times, i feel like when i wear wake-up i am able to become the woman i yearn to become, a more empowering, self-assured, extremely confident woman. without make up on, i feel normal, monotone, and mundane. makeup seems to bring out my super woman powers from within. being in makeup empowers me, gives me a greater sense of worth, and become the person that people are enamored by.

winning this contest would provide me the necessary make up kit and accessories that would allow me to constantly bring out my super woman attributes on a daily basis. I would be so elated in being able to express my individuality everyday with your suesh vanity kit and brush set. I am also in awe of make up artists like yourself who are able to redefine a face dynamically with makeup. you are truly an inspiration and hope that i can win this suesh vanity starter set contest so i can share in your joy of creating facial masterpieces.

Stephanie Rodriguez said...

I'm a big fan of Suesh! I'd love to win a Suesh Starter Set because I've had my Suesh personal brush set for over 4 years now and I would be really happy to try the 7-pc set (with the mirror and color palette to boot!) :)

Kris Isaac said...

Well, well, well, look do we have here!

Make up was never my forte, but i spent years experimenting on my mom's stuff and eventually figured out the basics of it all.

The experimentation has been quite useful, since i ended up become a professional host and a Polecat :) I'm onstage all the time, and am required to look good under the heat of the lights.

Unfortunately, between monthly bills, gas and the constant urge to eat, there's barely anything left to buy myself a great make up set.

And that's why the Suesh Vanity Starter Set would be a great addition to my humble (yet growing) collection of make up. It will be so used, loved and seen :) YAY!

Maudey said...

I'd looooove to win the Suesh Vanity Starter Set because I fancy make-up sets and girly stuff that makes us girls even more pretty! :) I've also been wanting a dresser but haven't gotten the chance to buy one that would fit my little room and I know the LED mirror would do the trick!

Happy Holidays Bambi!

Maude Maxine Rolle

Cat said...

Suesh is one of my favorite go-to's when it comes to make-up things. As a lifestyle photographer (and sometimes a model), make up is without a doubt a big chunk of my life!

You could see from some of my posts on my blog that I do portrait photography and seldom feature the make up. I'm all for budget make-up especially and I know Suesh is a perfect fit for my needs! I learn so much from fellow photographers and pro make up artists and I want to make sure I have the right tools for the job (and to properly apply what I learn, ofcourse!)

Hoping (and praying) to win these! Praying talaga! :) More power to your blog. ;)

♥ Cat

Bambi said...

wow! so many comments you guys! I'll announce the winners Monday. Thank you for all the comments. (of course this comment doesn't count as an entry since it's mine).

Kim said...

Kim Rodriguez: I want to win because I've been eyeing on that LED mirror for the longest time. I even went to the Suesh showroom during their sale but still too steep for me. And also I want a new brush set coz I've been using my old suesh set for almost 5 years already hehe

Thess Enriquez said...

Wow! love to own the brush set (and makeup + mirror too!) as I find it difficult to apply makeup with a small brush! This would look good to my makeup collection! Irish luck to me!

Irma Ambrocio said...

I want to win the Suesh vanity Starter set because I want to learn how to enhance my beauty (hihi)! This is a perfect set for starters like myself!

boJtreblA said...

I couldn't be more elated drooling at the sight of these prized possessions. The eyeshadows, the brushes, the lashes, the contour palette... Every day I remember sneaking in early to get my make-up done backstage and tinkering with every imaginable product I could find to put on my face. I'd ogle at the make-up artists who would so gently dash highlight on my brow bone and contour with wisps of tanned powder on my cheeks down to the depth of them. Everyday these special artists transformed me into someone with intensified beauty within the oddity of the features of my face and I was in utter idolization of them.

I've always wanted to be a make-up artist and bring out the awkward beauty we have within us. I love how imperfection makes us more beautiful and the eccentricities of our features makes us special. With a suesh vanity starter set in hand and a sueshly lit mirror I can carve out these special features of people. I can make them feel as intensified as I do on stage without having to actually be on one.

So make this dream a fiercely real one with a Suesh Vanity Starter Set and help make this the Merriest CHRISTMAS EVER!!! =)

JOB BAUTISTA your neighborhood Tomcat

Hazel said...

I'm not the kind of person who puts on a lot of make up but i'd want to learn how to put it on properly. And I think the right kind of make-up will help me achieve the effect i want. I work in advertising and am around highly creative people everyday and I secretly wish I can put some flare to my look.
Wishing the Suesh Starter Set could be it! :)

Crissy said...

I've always been interested in makeup, for about half of my life. It's always been a pipe dream of mine to take this interest to another level. While I've done a few pro bono projects here and there, I always felt that I didn't have the confidence or equipment to do it. Admitted, I do experience dry spots wherein I've lost my way in terms of fulfilling this dream. I believe this set will give me the necessary push to motivate myself that I can do this and I should be doing this. - Cristina Martinez

Bambi said...

thanks for the wonderful comments friends! contest closes in a bit. will announce the winners tomorrow morning :)