Thursday, December 22, 2011

Avon BB Cream Review

Unfortunately for me, I have to steer away from BB creams, not because they're horrible but because I have yet to find a BB cream that's okay for my skin color. As you all know, I've tanned quite considerably and I've gone a few shades darker in my powder foundation. Also, I have yellow-toned skin and most BB creams I find are too beige or too pink and whenever I wear them, it seems as though my face belongs to a different body and vice-versa. In other words, my face and body shades don't match at all. Sometimes, If I wear something too pink, I can appear ashy. This is too bad since BB creams perform absolutely well on some girls with fairer and pinker complexions giving their skin that flawless glow fit for a star at one step. I still need the sunscreen and coverage benefits of my BB creams so as not to let them go to waste, what I do is adjust with a darker foundation/bronzer or use it only as undereye highlight/concealer to hide the dark undereye circles.

Avon sent me a sample of their BB cream. The affordable price (Php 399) makes it a good steal but will it be okay for my personal use? The thing I like with BB creams is that it's a one-stop shop for everything I need - moisturizer, sunscreen, and coverage in one. All I have to do is toner, apply this, powder, and go and I'm okay.

It's such a tiny tube so I'm able to take this with me also for travel. Anyway, the one I have is named "light" and I was in uh-oh mode because I thought I'll have that same experience again.

I swatched it in comparison with two BB creams that I have and as you can see, the Avon one although light, is more on the yellower side of things than the beige-y ones the others have.

When rubbed and blended, you can see that the two others are more obvious than the Avon BB cream, which blended with my skin. At most, it looked like a highlight if it's got that "fairer skin" factor. BB cream 1 is obvious it practically screamed "HELLO I'M SNOW WHITE!" BB cream 2 was more subtle but I could still see a hint of grayness since that BB cream is on the pinker side than usual.

For application, I recommend placing dots strategically on the face and spread it around. I apply more on key "highlight" points like cheeks, chin, and bridge of the nose and blend outwards so in case I get to apply too much, it looks more like highlight rather than my face dipped in white powder. Just to be sure, since this is quite a lighter shade, I tone and adjust with some bronzer or contour. With regards to coverage, it fares well like a very sheer foundation in minimizing redness and discoloration. For stubborn spots, concealer to the rescue.

The thing that's nice with BB cream is that it gives a nice glow to the skin. I just applied powder and mattifying blush (no MSF highlight). My skin looks healthier yay! And not much on the oiliness zone. Another double yay. And take note, I danced wearing it and my skin didn't feel like it was on fire.

Yay to this for making this yellow-toned instead of pinkish. I do wish for a bit more bronzey BB cream shades to cater the morena clientele here in Asia. In the meantime, a bit of bronzer and the strategic application I did can help. Oh, and I don't apply a lot at first. I apply more as the need goes.

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