Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Taking Flutter False Eyelashes to Work at the SMT Christmas Party with the Polecats

I have a vast collection of false eyelashes. When AJ went to the house and started going over my stuff, he was surprised to see that I have not one but two toolboxes full of falsies. One toolbox is for the thick avante garde falsies used in photoshoots and I have another box for the ones I use in beauty shoots/brides/personal clients. So what I did when Sophie and I chatted and she mentioned that she's also selling falsies? I got myself a box! Hello Flutter lashes!

I got this box at the Moonlit Bazaar in Rockwell a few weeks ago. It's pretty affordable, Php350 for a box of ten pairs that's super reusable provided you take really good care of them.

They have various styles and thicknesses available for your own need - from bridal to glamour events, and in my case, for dance performances. The pair I got is called Feisty. The strands (made of synthetic hairs) are styled criss-crossing each other then winged out for a very pretty eye-opening and lifting effect a-la Bond girl. I've been watching James Bond movies every night so I think my style's been influenced a lot.

For shows, lashes are a must to bring life to the eyes. As makeup is more heavy-handed than everyday makeup, the lashes we use for shows when I have gigs with the Polecats or during our own performances have to be thicker than bridal lashes, but not too drag like that it impairs the sights or we'd be gaining muscles on our eyelids from trying to keep our eyes open at the weight of the lashes.

So where did I take my Flutter lashes to work? At last Wednesday's gig with the Polecats at the SMT Christmas Party. :) Kayleen and Margaret were asked to perform for the company's annual Christmas Party. The employees also brought their kids with them, so the dances are also kid-friendly.

They were going to have doubles at their finale number and since the theme of the party was sailor or nautical party, I got inspiration from Naughty Nauticals, a MAC collection years ago with smoky blue eyes and bright red lips, which matched their doubles costume, but I made it okay enough to fit their costumes at the solo performances.

Up close Kayleen's eyes with the Feisty Flutter lashes. As you can see, it really enhanced her eyes so they don't get lost with the bright blue and deep black. I still want them to look pretty for photo-ops and of course, she still needs to see while doing tricks.

Kayleen was up first and she danced to Surfer Girl. It was one of the songs we danced to in class, and I remember Kayleen teaching us the choreo last summer, but of course, her version had more advanced moves like knee hold, reverse butterfly, and her trademark hummingbird.

Also, I curled Kayleen's hair that day for Surfer Girl prettiness.

Margaret did her solo on a spinny pole. I swear, I don't know how she does it - looking absolutely graceful and long and not getting dizzy at all. Spinning pole is harder than it looks. She danced to a song from Finding Nemo and with all the fishies around the function room, we were taken under the sea.

Not only does she have enviable abs, her splits are jaw-dropping with their perfect form - straight legs, square hips, toes pointed.

Anyway, I asked the girls what their comment was with the falsies and they said that the lashes didn't feel heavy at all. They're used to wearing falsies, even thicker and heavier ones for shows. This however, felt light and Margaret told me that they felt like they weren't wearing false eyelashes. However, they still had the thickness and length we wanted for "show" level. For application, we just had to cut the ends to fit the wearer's eyes to make them more comfy (plus the ends are long) and use good-quality lash glue (I use Duo) so we could use them again and again. So eyesight and comfort level shall not suffer for the price of pretty lashes. Yay! Oh yes, if you want to know where they can be purchased, they can be purchased at Purbeauty Co. at Serendra and Crossings Shangri-La Plaza Mall and Trinoma.

The comfort level lasted from a meal break their doubles. They performed Candyman in Sailor Costumes.

It was a fun night and the employees of SMT and their families enjoyed their performance. Thanks Polecats for having me again and Sophie for introducing me to Flutter false eyelashes.

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cd said...

these lashes are pretty! looking forward to our makeup on thursday for the angels vs demons party! :)