Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Comeback of the Olive Dry Oil Mist! Yay!

Weeks ago, there have been teaser posters at The Body Shop stores as well as the Facebook fan page showing a "Mystery Item".

Just an outline. Definite clue was a product making a comeback. If you're a TBS follower since day 1 and a user, I think that even without clues, you'd know what it is. Well, the secret was finally revealed a few weeks ago. It was a product making a comeback and it's the Olive Dry Oil Mist!

This shot will tell you that it's really back.

Apparently, the Olive Dry Oil Mist is a very popular product here in the Philippines. The clean olive scent and the luxurious feel of moisturized skin without the greasy afterfeel (yes it's true it's oil but not a greasy slick was felt) made it a bestseller here. However, globally, it wasn't as popular so they had to let it go. This is a special order for the fans of the product here in the Philippines who love it a lot.

Actually, it's my first time to use this product. I asked them, if it's like the bath oils you apply while the skin is damp and then towel off. Turns our it's just like lotion. You towel off, spray, and then spread. Ironically, despite the fact that it's oil, my skin wasn't left greasy or yucky. In fact, the reason why it was such a bestseller in the Philippines was because it had the moisturizing action we need without the slick greasy feel we hate. In fact, it was easily absorbed by the body and I didn't feel greasy all throughout the day.

Where do I use this? All over. During the night, I couple this with The Body Shop's Olive Body Butter on my super dry areas like my elbows, knees, feet, ankles, and I take extra TLC on my body parts that need extra moisture as well as the parts where my skin gets chafed a lot.

This however, is available for a limited time only. When I visited The Body Shop branches in Makati, I found out that the Olive Dry Oil Mist bottles were already gone, and some stores have only little bottles left. So if you must, it's best to stock up on the bottles right away, now that it's available still and for a sale price of Php495.

I do wish that the Olive Dry Oil Mist would remain as a permanent stock though, even here in the Philippines. But seeing how it's fast flying off the shelves now may bring The Body Shop to make it a permanent stay hopefully. :) It's such a pretty stocking stuffer especially now it's colder and we need extra care for our dry skin.

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