Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Industrial Strength Concealer that Boi-Ings Boo-boos Away

It was quite hard for me to choose what to buy when I visited the Benefit Cosmetics store in Greenbelt last week. It was such a pretty store with so much pretty items. After much deliberation, I went home with this:

Concealers can be our best friends - on those days when we're plagued with zits (on, well, those days) and on times when we lack sleep or hydration. So why not another one in the market yes?

Boi-ing actually had the subtitle industrial-strength concealer. It's so funny because the name actually sounds like it came straight from a comic book. However, its job is serious business, stating that it's industrial strength. If that pan can talk, it would probably say, "Don't judge me by the name. I can make your red spots disappear before you even blink."

I got shade #2, which is an in-between shade that's okay generally for most skin tones. For my makeup purchases, I always have to take note that it's not just one person who would be using this. It's a cream-type concealer in a pan, but although the pan may be thinner than most concealers, a little goes a long way.

Applying this is best using fingers. The warmth of the fingers and hands help the product emulsify and blend on to the skin better. For clean and hygiene-OC,s you can scrape a bit of product with a clean spatula and use your fingers (clean and sanitized of course) to apply them to the little trouble spots. With this case, I apply this before foundation, regardless of liquid or powder.

Here's where I took it to the road test. As you can see, I need to cover up a little spot over there. All I did was clean the skin and prepped it before applying the concealer. It was relatively easy to use. It didn't even sink into creases or cake on undereye areas (provided I apply the right amount). Okay, It's not completely 100% covered but that's where airbrush makeup came about.
I'm really not the type to super cake on foundation and concealer to the point our pores can't breathe. What I do is just diminish the spots. This one worked well in the concealing part. The spot over the left brow is almost completely unnoticeable. I guess that's what they mean by industrial-strength.

Like I said earlier, this could also be used on the undereye area. Shade #2 is more on the yellow side, so it's better suited for those with purplish dark circles, like me. For my personal use, it's my one-stop shop for redness and undereye circles. I even used this on a client with mature skin and whereas some super creamy concealers tend to cake on lines, this one blended better. It's nice on oily skin or combination skin. If your skin is dry, though, you might want to revert to a creamier or liquid concealer as this can make dry patches obvious since it sets into a powder finish.

The price of the concealer is Php 1,100. It's a very potent product so a little product definitely goes a long way, it probably would take a you quite a while to use it. I think I'll purchase another shade that's more specific to certain needs, but I'm glad I found another concealer alternative and a brand to use.

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