Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bridal Work: Rowie

Rowie's wedding happened before the December rush, and it was a wedding where everything fell into place regardless of whatever the circumstance may be. Her wedding is a union of two worlds and cultures united by two people in love. And speaking of love, love was truly in the air that day because it was Rowie's good friend Grace who was the wedding coordinator, and Grace got me and Mike's awesome team iSnap Creatives.

You know the awesome thing about working with friends? It's fun.

Mike and I love to goof a lot. It was more of a relaxed reunion for suppliers, so with a relaxed atmosphere, we have a relaxed bride. I did hair and makeup for both Rowie and her mum, giving them natural looks that enhanced their features. Since it was an outdoor garden wedding, makeup should stay so airbrush was the recommended tool.

Outdoor weddings can get risky because of the scare that it might rain anytime, but the weather cooperated. Not a droplet of rainfall fell, and the ground was dry. No sinking heels or muddy gowns today!

Rowie and her mom post-makeup, sharing a very tender moment.

Since night tends to arrive a lot quicker these -ber months, the couple's photos had to be done before the ceremony, where there's still natural light. Geoff's reaction was priceless when he saw the bride. He cried. I was worried at first though, but then when he said he found her so pretty I was relieved.

I just had to capture the moment! :)

Picture time!

Sid at work, doing video.

Geoff's friends flew all the way from Australia just to witness this very special occasion.

Another thing, while I texted Rowie the day before asking if there's any dress code for her wedding, she just said not to wear black. I was planning on wearing my black multi-dress that day, but since it was a no-black affair, I put it back in the closet and took out my green onesie that day.
Guess what the motif of the wedding was? Green. Not only did I follow the no-black rule but I actually followed (accidentally) the color motif. Heeheehee.

bride: Rowie Balmeo-Keleher
makeup and hair: Bambi de la Cruz Makeup Artistry
photo and video: iSnap Creatives
coordination: Wonderful occasions
venue: Light of Love

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