Monday, August 2, 2010

Stretching To Be Sexy With Tara Stiles

For my workouts, I have yet to rely on a gym or personal instructor. At most, my workout routines are prescriptions from my doctor plus enhanced with movements I've seen in magazines or books. Since I'm not much into the high-impact workouts, I decided to go low-impact with Pilates and yoga, at-home of course. Why? Because I prefer getting in shape at the privacy of my own home and being in all my sweaty self there, hence my collection of fitness DVDs and videos.
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I've also turned to YouTube for some of my exercise routines. One of my favorite channels is tarastilesyoga, which are series of yoga workouts by yoga instructor Tara Stiles. I first encountered Tara Stiles' yoga videos in the fordmodels channel, where she would give quick yoga routines. I later learned that she already had her own channel and her own website where she gives more tricks and tips to stay fit. As you could see in her picture above, she's very fit and sexy, lean with definition in the right places. Makes you want to grab the yoga mat right away. In fact, most of the comments in her videos remark on how toned her body is.

Tara Stiles started off as a fashion model, then later on as a yoga instructor. She's currently the founder of Strala Yoga. Some of her collaborations are Authentic Yoga for the iPhone with Deepak Chopra and Yoga Anywhere DVD series.
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Tara's videos in YouTube show quick movements dedicated to certain needs. She describes quick beginner's yoga routine for those who want to get in the healthy habit. One of my favorites is her routine for back pain, which is important for me since I tend to experience a lot of lower back pain from work. I also like her Hotel Room Yoga routine, which gives us absolutely no excuse to spend a few minutes each day to calm our mind and tone our bodies. I like how she describes each movement without intimidating us in her calm voice and encourages her followers with positivity. She's also got a good sense of humor by being goofy in some videos.

I've been a fan and follower of her routines for quite some time now. Aside from helping me get the healthy habit of exercise going (she's got toning, fat burning, and detox in her routines, yay!), I really like the positive energy she has. If I'm not that flexible enough in doing some of the poses, it's okay. In her videos, she gives certain modifications if the stretch is too hard to do. Just this morning I did her fat burning routine and I was sweating buckets right after.

This is one of the best resources I got in YouTube, indeed a new treasure trove of tutorials of anything under the sun. :)


Anonymous said...

i found some rather bitchy comments on tara from the rivals, and was feeling sad, when i encountered this blog and felt grateful ..

yogafreaks said...

Tara Stiles is the coolest Yoga instructor on earth, ever!!!