Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bridal DIY: Bridal Survival Kit

To my dearest MOH,

I assign you to carry this bag which I have turned from Happy Period Kit to Bridal Survival. I have painstakingly packed everything for my survival and this you guard for life.

Why purple? It's a nice color, and amidst the sea of passion colors, I wanted something to stand out in case I need something quick. There's no standard list though. I just packed and edited out stuff which I think, or rather, believe I'd be needing that day before and after the ceremony. The bag's roomy enough would you think it was able to fit all that and more?

So here's what's inside my Bridal Survival Kit so I get rescued from instabridezilla moments:
1. Little snippets of food because I hate getting hungry. Aside from sweet biscuits, I threw in some sweets and mints that won't get smooshed in the bag. SUGAR SUGAR SUGAR!
2. Sample-sized vials of perfume. I still can't decide which to use, either Lancome Magnifique or So In Love's rosy scent, but I love how it's so much convenient ( to bring tiny tester-sized vials instead of an entire bottle.
3. My Fix+ Spritzer is my much-needed can't live without bridal makeup tool which sets makeup, cools and refreshes skin cooked under greenhouse effect, lights, and nature elements. It's great for touch-ups.
4. Select Sheer Powder and MSF - To keep skin glowy with a kiss of color on cheeks and a mattified T-zone. Studiofix would be too much for touch-ups so I opted for something sheer so my makeup stays fresh and matte instead of ageing and masklike.
5. My MAC Colorforms Advanced Brush set is my love for touch-ups with my 129SE brush for quick fixes. I threw in the super cute Charm pink kabuki brush which buffs my makeup for seamless blending after touch-ups.
6. MAC lipstick and brush for a flawless kisser. Since I'll be sporting red lips that evening, I need my red lippie to go with me.
7. MSF in redhead - is a combination of a blush and highlighter should I need a kiss of color and glow in just the right amount of warm shimmer that goes well with my complexion and color motif.
7. Spa in a can - Tense? A whiff of this aromatherapy balm calms and clears the senses. Perfect for panic attacks.
8. Medicine - Maalox for a quirky and acidic tummy, Advil for pains.
9. Insect Repellent - bye bye to biteys for outdoor shoots.
10. Baby wipes, pocket hand soap, and antibacterial gel - to be constantly clean.
11. Tissue and oil blotters to keep occasional oilies and sweats at bay.
12. Sponge wedges and Q-tips to correct mascara and liner runs. This was left unused since MAC Loud Lash and Blacktrack stayed put and so did my MUFE eyebrow corrector.

The kit is cute enough to tote around as well, right? It's really roomy to fit all that and more. The only thing it wasn't able to fit was my change of shoes.

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