Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Go Brazil(ian)!

Writing about brazilian waxing can be a sensitive topic since it's one of those topics that many are shy to know about. Actually, here's the thing, a lot actually are scouting for the perfect place to undergo brazilian or bikini waxing and some are clueless as to how it goes.

Take me for example, while I was about to finally go for it from a pro (I resulted to DIY microwave wax treatments), I asked around my model friends and even a friend who owns a spa that offers waxing how it goes. They're like "It really hurts!" From my own research, I saw that quite a lot actually undergo the process.

At my favorite neighborhood spa place Nail To Toe, I went for my treatment since it's near my place and I've been a longtime client and they've never disappointed me. "We'll give you the sphinx." They told me. I was like, "What do you mean?" They told me, "We leave nothing behind." I get it. Just like the sphinx cats.

The therapist briefed me days before as to what I'm supposed to do. She told me the best time to have my wax done and how long the hair should be (approximately 1/4 inch. Longer than that they would have to trim it as it could hurt). People who could be sensitive to pain may take ibuprofen an hour before the treatment. I decided against ibuprofen thinking that I could stand the pain since I've been doing waxing treatments via DIY kits.

During the day, I made sure everything should be clean. Yep, especially there so I was advised to shower first before the procedure using warm (not hot) shower. When I arrived, the waxing area had been prepared. Fresh linens were laid out and the wax was already pre-heated. The therapist sanitized her hands with alcohol and she told me to do the same to my own. A fresh and unused tongue depressor was prepared. Prepping the client with pre-epilating lotions and creams was done. I think this is used to numb the pain (other salons use baby powder to absorb excess moisture so the wax does not stick much) or to prevent the wax from sticking (much) to the skin. And I thought that waxing was just spread, rip, and writhe in pain.

Of course I will admit that the whole process hurts (those who have gotten waxed even on the legs would agree with me) since the bikini area is very sensitive and the skin is thinner than say, your underarms or arms. The therapist was like, "No. stay. I have to finish" She plucked the remaining hair that couldn't come with the wax. When I asked why not just apply wax again, she said that we couldn't apply the wax to an area that has been previously waxed because the skin could get burned. Threading is also an option for people who would want less pain. After an hour and a half or so, the whole process was finished and not a single strand of hair was spared. Post-waxing lotions were applied to the skin, which also helps ease pain and redness. I was also given instructions on post-waxing care in a leaflet.

I must say that I am very satisfied with their service. Not only was the process clean and well-executed, but therapist was very professional with her work. She answered all my questions well and even helped me relax (by the way, relax is one tip they told me. :) ) In fact, I already had my second session last week.

The second session is usually less painful than the first, and hair grows back finer and slower than say, using depilation creams and shaving. Maybe because I'm already used to it? Plus, I like how they follow international standards and rules and use high-quality equipment.

Do I recommend getting one? I sure do, especially since after Christmas, beachtime is fast approaching. For those who would want to defuzz without breaking the bank, I recommend this service. Price ranges from Php 550-650, depending on the service you're getting.

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End Over End said...

Looks like i'll be needing one soon! haha the dingdong in me is trying to get me waxed.. haha kidding. :)