Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Bright Avon Summer

I just want to give big hugs and kisses to the wonderful people of Avon who delivered this pretty big tote to me this morning. My baby cat Candy seems to be pleased too, or intrigued. Nevertheless, the bright purple and pink vinyl bag got his attention up.

Did I say bag? It opens up to a beach mat full of goodies just in time for summer.  Hello Avon March products, you scream summer, my favorite season! The bag alone is a goody as it’s roomy enough to fit beach essentials, big beach towel and book included and it’s comfy enough to let you lay on the sand as you work on your summer 2012 tan with no worries of  getting sand wedged inside your bikini. It’s even got a tiny pouch to house in small items like lip balm, alcohol, etc.

Just a reminder, in the Avon March 2012 collection, gray tabby cat and cat treats not included. :P   

Should I fill you in on some of the goodies? Okay, let’s start off with makeup. Many ask me if I wear makeup during the summer. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t, but most of the time, I do. Although our skin gets darker, a bit of color can add a bit of sugar.

 The eye quad called Smoke and Mirrors has very sheer and subtle wearable pastel shades that would look awesome as a wash of color or a sparkle here and there. This shimmery powder stays dazzling for up to 12 hours.

The Smoke and Mirrors Ultra color Rich Lipstick feels creamy and cushy to the lips. This one’s called Apricot Mystery.

It was very sheer on me, almost a gloss effect without the annoying tack, as if I ate a melon pop or something. 

Remember how a cold glass of fruitshake quenches our thirst by the beach? Think fruity shakes for dehydrated skin from Avon Naturals with yummy “flavors” like Strawberry and Guava and Pomegranate and Mango combinations to quench our fried skin from a day of swimming and sun worshiping.

The best accessories with the tan? Dainty jewelry of course!

Spice Market collection, with exotic-colored stones to go with a basic white or turquoise maxi dress.

Lush Paradise collection, with the flowers remind me of an island princess in a cabana. Real flowers wilt. They don’t.

I love animal prints, and this sunglass case seemed to call to me. I don’t buy expensive shades so sometimes, they don’t come with protective casing. This keeps my case protected so it helps me save money from buying and buying glasses after my shades break. Not to mention it looks super cute and really rar.

Higher temperatures call for lighter fragrance. Very potent perfumes can overwhelm during the day. If you find yourself switching to body splashes or EDTs during the summer, you’re not alone. I do the same thing myself, or sometimes I go with no fragrance at all. 

Heaven Scent Splash Colognes have got the fragrance department covered with light fragrances – fruity, floral, or pure, it’s up to you. The picture reminds you of a deck of cards yes?

Since summer means whisking to getaways, and if you’re OC like me, travel organizers in loud pink colors (I like loud colors for travelling goodies because they make me see things in a flash because a sea of neutrals can render me blind because all look the same and I hate losing things when I travel) spell awesomeness to people who have high risk for obsessive-compulsive disorder like me. It separates the shoes from the slippers, keeps teensy underwear in place, and separates dirty clothes from clean clothes.

Having fun staring at them yet? Guess what? I’m feeling generous because I’m sharing my blessings with you, yes you! Because I have another contest and I’m giving away this much prizes!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ll be choosing winners and there would be one winner of each item and here’s what’s in store:

ITEM 1: One set of Avon Fashions Spice Market Collection necklace and earrings. 

ITEM 2: One Avon Smokes and Mirrors Eyeshadow quad.

ITEM 3: Two Avon Naturals Antibacterial Hand Gels. When you're travelling, you'll never know what's out there.

ITEM 4: Six bottles of Avon Heaven Scent Splash Colognes. 

ITEM 5: Avon Style Essentials Nail Buffer and Nail Clipper Set  and Avon Naturals Shake Body Lotion in Strawberry Guava.

ITEM 6: Outspoken Intense By Fergie Shower Gel - a provocative mix of shining starfruit, passion flower, and sensual musks for hot and rar summer nights. 

So how to join?

Just answer this question: 

How do you plan to make your 2012 summer awesome? 

Answers must be in the comments section along with your full name. Winners will be chosen randomly by a name generator, and no, the cat is not up for raffle. Enjoy the summer and good luck!!!! 


rhaindropz said...

How do you plan to make your 2012 summer awesome?

♥ March is already off.. we went to landayan with my officemate, went to cavite for a vacay, with the husband and our dear angel

♥ Today, April 12, my baby's 5fth month bday im going to cook Pasta (recipe c/o my friend Madz)

♥ my whole family and cousins were planning this end of April on going to Splash Island (they were on promo 50% off)

♥ im preparing for our upcoming team building this coming May (since im one of the committee, my choices of place for the event: Forest Club, Camp Benjamin, and Camp Allen) we have already done with ocular visit and food tasting.. were just waiting for the approved budget so we can chose were to reserve ^_^

♥ and this June my month birthday, me and my highschool friends were planning for a reunion --> swimming party hehehe

a lot of activity this summer.. im enjoying everyday of the year..

have a great day ahead!!!

Name: Rhania E. Chang

hugs and kisses

Anonymous said...

Making my 2012 Summer awesome

> Camarines Sur Escapade - Finding Awesome spot for wakeboarding alone. Since I've never tried this one before. This could be a very exciting experience for novice like me.

> Stellar 2 - With you. Dancing with the pole is really inspiring since you need tons of discipline with in yourself, just to be sexy enough. Claim to be sexy and YOU'LL SURELY HAVE IT!

> Great Attitude - Bring along with you some EXCITEMENT, CONFIDENCE AND LOVE, and show how this SUMMER could be awesome, and so do I.. ;)

Lots of Lovin'!

Name: Mary Grace B. Elardo

kaishiza said...

How do you plan to make your 2012 summer awesome?

I plan on making my 2012 summer awesome by continuing my scuba diving and pole dancing lesson. I also want to bond more with my mother this summer

Helen said...

Hi Bambi! I met you before in an event of The Body Shop, but that was late last year pa. :) I'm joining your giveaway!

I plan to make the rest of my remaining 2012 summer awesome by going to another beach trip with my long lost high school girl friends. We rarely get to see each other because of our different schedules, but when we do get together, we're still close as ever and that's what I love about them. I'm really excited about this! :D Summer might be coming to an end in a month but we'll always have that memory to cherish as we go along.

Helen Blas

Jla said...

Cool blog! :)

I plan to make my 2012 summer awesome by bringing in more positivity and sunshine in my life! How? More smilies for everyone and sharing my time with people I love (and avoiding people who bring me down.) It's hard to be optimistic about life with all the problems but I'm making this summer different and awesome by looking at the brighter side of things! :)

Jla said...

Loops. Forgot to leave my name: jen lapis,

Thanks! :)

MissGennD said...

We went to Puerto Prinsesa last March. So I planned the vacay months ahead.
1-First, I researched about the place, where to stay, where to eat, which tour to get, etc. Then, asked a couple of friends who've been there and ask for tips.

2-Saved up months before so that we could have a relaxed trip not worrying about our bills when we get home.

3-Packed our bags with our tripod, goggles, swimwear and head to the beach! We enjoyed 4 days of pure fun, sun, sand and good food in the island!

Name: Genn Delizo